Hair caught in zipper

Yup, only Nanny Wen is capable of such.

We were walking to the MRT station together and she was fiddling with the contents in her bag. Because I’m a fast walker and she’s a slow walker, plus she was fiddling, she lagged behind.

Suddenly, I heard her go “Aaaaaaaeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!” so I whipped around to look at her.

“Help! Help! My hair is stuck!”

After I narrow-eyed her a little, I walked back to help her out of her predicament. (Nanny Wen does give me quite a lot of practice in the narrow-eye department.)

“Will you stop doing that?!” I demanded. This wasn’t the first time her hair got stuck in her bag’s zipper. She just wouldn’t stop zipping up her bag while it’s slung over her shoulders where her hair is fair game.

She tried to win some sympathy by pouting at me, but it didn’t really work.

I walked on ahead after rescuing her hair because we were kind of late.

“Booo,” she said from behind me, “Call me an idiot.”

“You’re an idiot,” I obliged.

“Arrrrgghhhhhh!!!” she said.

“Hahahahaha!” I replied, thinking that she was pissed because I readily agreed to her assertion.



I turned around and there she had her hair stuck in the zipper again, barely 10 seconds after the first stuckage.


Only Nanny Wen is capable of such, I say again.

“WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT??!!” I repeated.


And then I couldn’t stop laughing because I had by then taken out my camera to snap the evidence of her dodoheadedness.

Poor Nanny Wen. What has she done to deserve a friend like me? =P