“What attract readers to reading blogs by Sheylara, Dawn Yang, Xiaxue?”

A reader sent me this link and said, “Hey, you’re in the Dawn Yang and Xiaxue league!”

And I’m thinking, “Right, thanks. Should I start moderating comments now?”

So, here’s the link. Sharithstar asked this question in the iAnswer page in Infocomm123:

What attract readers to reading blogs by Sheylara, Dawn Yang, Xiaxue?

I wanna know what attracts people to read their blogs.

In the same vein, I also wonder why the Goonfather likes slapstick and how people can eat boiled chicken breasts with no seasoning whatsover and not die of abject misery.

The Goonfather can watch something like White Chicks for the fifth time and still bust his guts and split my eardrums guffawing like there’s no tomorrow.

Seriously. You don’t want to be in the same room as the Goonfather when he’s watching slapstick.

I’m digressing on purpose because it’s fun to make fun of the Goonfather. His expressions, each time he confronts me about making him my post-of-the-day subject, are priceless.

Then, in retaliation, he’ll make me sit through another two hours of mind-corroding slapstick. It’s a fair world.

Okay, end of digression.

What I want to say is that I hope readers are reading all our blogs for quite different reasons because I don’t really want to be like anyone else.

I think people read Dawn because she’s pretty and has a glamorous lifestyle. People read Xiaxue because she’s funny and creative and naturally controversial (that is, as opposed to people who become controversial merely for the sake of getting traffic). I hope people read me because I’m pretty and glamorous and funny and creative and naturally controversial.

Just kidding.

I think people read my blog because I’m randomly entertaining. At least, that is what I’m hoping for.

I try to be unpredictable.

For instance, I didn’t post an entry in the last two days because I decided to give myself an MC.

I received a flu virus on Friday from the Goonfather; such a thoughtful gesture. It made me feel really horrible, so I decided to boycott everything (after publishing GGF) and do nothing but lie in bed for two days and watch TV and play games.

But then, my boss (the tyrant that lives in the back of my head) was really horrible and still made me reply e-mails and do admin work which amounted to more hours than it takes to squeeze an orange entirely dry with your bare hands.

In the end, I only had time to play ten minutes of Tales of Vesperia. The rest of Sunday was spent watching an entire season of Heroes with the Goonfather because that is infinitely more rewarding and less painless than watching an entire season of slapstick with the Goonfather. I thank the stars that Adam Sandler does not have a TV series.

So, yeah. I like to think that I’m entertaining because I’m randomly unpredictable.

But I don’t think I really am. I think I’m just randomly random.

I’m also just a sick girl whose flu virus has now progressed to the coughing stage so, tonight, we shall have a showdown, me and the Goonfather. My coughs vs. his guffaws.

Well, perhaps you could just read my blog out of pity.

Xiaxue and Paris Hilton both want a new BFF

Reality TV is getting ridiculous. lol.

I mean, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire (2000) kinda amazed me.

[Tragic happiness]

I only watched one episode of it out of curiosity because I generally don’t have time to watch TV.

Predictably, the marriage resulting from the show didn’t work out. It’s kinda absurd, anyway, to think that one can find a soulmate through auditions.

While fans recovered from the disappointment of a failed match made in heaven (an oxymoron), no one thought to do another show like that.

Until Paris Hilton.

Three months ago, I don’t know whether it was her own idea or whether it was MTV’s idea, the announcment was made to find Paris Hilton a new BFF (best friends forever), yes, via reality TV!

[Poor little rich girl]

Three days ago, celebrity blogger Xiaxue decided that she also wants a new BFF, so she’s gone and done a Paris Hilton.

She’s even set out a questionnaire for hopefuls to fill in. Check it out. It’s kinda hilarious and I had half a mind to apply for the “job” myself because I thought answering the questions would be amusing.

Ok, maybe only a quarter of a mind. I’ve been auditioning for acting jobs all my life. I don’t want to have to audition for a best friend, too!

Not for Xiaxue, anyway.

Not that she’s not cool or anything. I mean, having her as a BFF would be quite entertaining at times.

But I don’t like going sun tanning and she doesn’t MMORPG, so we’d probably hate hanging out with each other.

Back to the subject of reality TV.

I think reality TV will always appeal to the voyeur and the curious in all of us. The more absurd an idea is, the more people will turn up to watch it.

But, seriously, how good a friend can you get from a bunch of people signing up to be your best friend only because they feel that they can get something out of it?

The show is an oxymoron.

If I were ever to hold a contest like that, I would be extremely wary of the people joining the contest, which defeats the purpose of the contest! Haha.

Can’t say I’m not jealous, though. I want a BFF too! But finding a BFF, I must say, is infinitely more challenging than finding a marriage partner.

I’ve been betrayed by females much more than I have by males. It’s just ridiculous.

I’m tempted to go into a spiel about human nature and loyalty and betrayal, but I need to rush off for drums practice now so I can’t write anymore.

Perhaps you can write it for me. lol. Catch ya later in the comments! ;)

Xiaxue gets flamed on high-profile USA blog

This is really quite hilarious. You guys know Xiaxue has her own Internet TV show called Xiaxue’s Guide To Life, right?

In her latest episode, she got conned by her producers to review a fake China-made iPhone, thinking that it’s the real iPhone. Hahaha. After that, they did the candid camera routine, had a good laugh, and then gave her the real iPhone to try out.

Now, in her review, she dissed the iPhone, using words such as “sucks”, “mediocre” and “shitty” to describe it. Gizmodo, a prolific USA tech blog which receives 50 million page views a month, picked up her video and featured it, calling it “either the best or the worst iPhone review ever”.

The video pissed off an entire community of Apple lovers, resulting in a flame war.

This is the video.

Now, check out some of the comments posted in Gizmodo.

Remind me never to travel to Singapore. My thoughts of that country have been tainted forever. How can ANYONE stand to listen to this half-wit for more than 30 seconds? She’s not clever, cute, or smart. She’s just painfully obnoxious. I demand the last 2 minutes of my life back! — QuailRider

Best review ever!…totally kidding is was TOTALLY shitty….the pain…i can’t beleive that i watched it all. — Mike918

God I want to kill her eyelashes. — humorbot

pardon me while I plot her untimely demise. — s017jrs

ROFL funny ass sh*t!

Of course, it’s even funnier watching Apple fanboys going nutballs taking this seriously… they would be so watching the whole video and laughing at it if this was about a Windows Mobile phone or something… — Bokusatsu_Tenshi

Read more here.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not crowing over Xiaxue getting flamed. This is like just another notch on her bed post for her. She can handle it. She’s tough and above flames. She eats flames for breakfast.

I just find the comments very funny.

My good friend Chong, who was the one who sent me the Gizmodo link, said, “Can Singapore disown her?”

I think that’s mean.

For the record, I rather enjoy reading Xiaxue’s blogs and watching her videos. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I cannot deny that she’s very, very entertaining. Plus she did get picked up by NLB to be in the National Archives, so how can we possibly disown her? She’s Singapore’s… uh… renegade darling.

Chong went on to say, “That’s the biggest reason why Singapore has no iPhone yet. Cos Steve Jobs reads Gizmodo.”

“Seriously,” he added.

Well, I really don’t know.

But I thought the video was really funny. And the comments that resulted were even funnier. I feel entertained. That has to count for something.

(P.S. I will not be replying to comments for this post for obvious reasons. Unless you say something that really compels me to.)

A sneak peek at the Nuffnang Pajama Party

Here’s a quick peek at the happenings of the Nuffnang Pajama Party on March 15, held at Borneo Baruk Club in KL.

I don’t think there’s any blogger as hardworking as me today, waking up at 7 am on a holiday to blog!

Ok, here are some of the highlights of the party, in no particular order.

  1. Pajamas galore! Sexy, cute, innovative, elegant, stylish, weird, crazy, boring, ugly, questionable! All kinds of pajamas to be seen! Here’s mine:

  2. Party games and prizes! The Nuffnang staff came up with really crazy and fun games that had people scrambling around the club all night, creating all sorts of chaos and madness.

  3. Special appearances by celebrity bloggers Xiaxue and Kenny Sia!
  4. Dawn Yang kisses a lucky blogger! (Don’t you want to find out who? Heheh.)

  5. A sexy quad of a nurse, a French maid, a Japanese schoolgirl and a policewoman hosting us all night!

  6. A showcase of birthday videos made by prominent Nuffnang bloggers!
  7. The Chipster man (who won a Wii for quirkiest post)!

  8. Nuffnang founders Ming and Timothy got sabo’ed!

  9. Malaysian Dreamgirls!

  10. Free flow of Chipsters and Twisties (and drinks)! There was this nice lady that went around the club all nght offering us packets of Chipsters and Twisties nonstop! Cool, huh?

There’s more, but 10’s the magic number so I’m gonna stop here.

That took longer than I expected. I’m not used to working on a laptop and editing photos on lousy Microsoft Office Picture Manager. (But I suppose I have to be thankful that I even have that to use.)

Actually, I wasn’t even planning to blog today (since my time in KL is short and I want to get in as much shopping and eating as I can).

But I went to bed at 1:30 am and woke up at 5:30 am and then couldn’t sleep anymore! Even though the hotel bed and pillows are so so so soft and fluffy and comfy that you would want to die in your sleep in them if you were forced to die in your sleep!

I tried to go back to sleep but it just wasn’t working, so, after lying awake for 1.5 hours, I finally got up at 7 am. I decided to write this preliminary party report since I had nothing better to do while waiting for the Goonfather to wake up.

I had to disturb his sleep earlier because he didn’t log off the laptop properly last night, so when I powered it up, the laptop wouldn’t recognise my fingerprint and insisted that the computer was going to stay locked until I swiped the correct finger.

So I unplugged all the cables and took the laptop to the bed and tried to steal the sleeping Goonfather’s index finger to swipe. Hahahahaha. It was damn hilarious lah!

But it kept failing because I think maybe the angle was wrong. Then the Goonfather woke up and the WTF look on his face was just priceless.

He was, like, why the f*** is my laptop here???

I said, “The laptop is locked and I need your fingerprint lah!”

Then he mumbled something incoherent and proceeded to groggily click a few buttons. Then, suddenly, the screen went back to the main menu where I could now swipe my finger legitimately to log in.

So I didn’t need his stupid finger after all. Wah lau waste my time and effort to plug and unplug cables and lug the laptop to and fro! Not that the laptop is very heavy and the hotel room is very big, but I just want to complain, can?

I feel like a noob. Ok, fine, I’m a noob! This is only the second time I’ve used a laptop at length, the first time being yesterday when I wrote yesterday’s blog. I miss my PC at home! But I must admit that having a laptop is pretty handy.

Ok, more Nuffnang party reports when I get home!

But you’ll probably be flooded with party posts by the 200-300 other bloggers that attended the party, by then.

Happy Sunday!