Back to the grind

I just got myself a part-time data entry job so I can pay for singing lessons. (Suits me better than waiting tables.)

Two years from now, perhaps, I can watch American Idol and not feel sad.

My new job is super flexible. I can work any time, any day and I get paid an hourly rate. The pay is nothing to write home about, but I can make enough to pay for my lessons every month. And it is flexible enough to allow me to go off for shoots and auditions whenever I need to.

I might even have enough after a few months of working to replace my lost camera so my blog can stop looking like a boring law textbook.

Which means I now no longer have the luxury of sitting at home all day doing inconsequential stuff at my computer. Such as blogging.

Then again, I think blogging has less to do with the availability of time than it has to do with inspiration.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing. Sometimes I want to but nothing comes out. Sometimes everything comes out as gibberish asking for a tight slap.

When that happens, a new blog entry doesn’t.

Then you, who are reading my blog, will get upset, as blog readers are wont to do when they visit a blog and don’t see a new entry.

But I think my new job will make many people happy.

  1. My dad. He’s always saying that sitting at home all day doing inconsequential stuff at the computer is boring so it’s good to go out and do stuff, no matter work or play. I don’t agree because I think being at the computer 24/7 doing inconsequential stuff is fun. Well, it’s just one of those differences. But my dad puts up with me being a poor duck who sits on her ass all day, without a single complaint, so he’s a great dad regardless!
  2. People who envy my decadent, no-Monday-blues life. They don’t have to envy me any more because I am now part of The Big Grind. (But these people don’t realise that I pay a high price for my workless lifestyle. It’s nothing like decadence. No work = no money, no shopping, no indulgences, and feeling embarrased when you see people wearing cool, fashionable clothes while you’re wearing some old thing you bought 10 years ago.)
  3. The Goonfather. Because our offices are like 150 metres apart and we can go to work together and have lunch together.
  4. My employer. Because he benefits from having another pair of hands complete all the work.
  5. Myself, of course. Because I can attend singing classes, dance classes, acting classes, martial arts classes, Japanese classes OMG classes! Then again, if I spend all my days attending classes, I won’t have time left to make the money with which to pay for them.


To be honest, I really hate working life. That’s why I quit my cushy journalism career to pursue an acting career. This data entry job pays me about half of what my journalist job used to pay (based on an hourly comparison) but it feels more fulfilling because I’m doing it for a worthy cause (to support my acting career). Therefore I am excited and happy about it.

I love money. But I love peace of mind and soul more.