The new me

This is an extremely momentous occasion. Indeed. And because it’s past four in the morning, I am at a loss how I should proceed. Should I go to bed or should I write my first post because I have spent the last six hours or so setting up this new blog?

But that’s a rhetorical question since it is very obvious that I am writing my first post instead of sleeping.

Oh, what the hell. Allow me to make my announcements and then bugger off to bed.

Firstliness. I have adopted a new name to complement my acting career. So, with my parents’ blessings, I now go by the name of Shen Qiaoyun. (Pronounced Shen2 Qiao3 Yun4.)

I am extremely excited about it because it’s like, you know, getting a new haircut, just more dramatic. And I am now prohibited by law to use my old name, so call me Qiaoyun.

Second. I’m now using a blogging script because I need a new blog to reflect the new me, and I’m too lazy to revamp my old blog. And WordPress is much cooler than my old blog because it has a search function, among other things. I will never lose a blog again!

Yes, I know this blog skin is very cheena mama. So is my new name. Well, I have news for you. I’m Chinese. There you go.

With that, I shall leave you to wonder. Come back again!