Winners of the Great Hamster Giveaway!

I have the results of the Great Hamster Giveaway! There are 17 winners! Congratulations to you all!

I’m really pleased with the response to this contest. The only regret I have is that I don’t have enough prizes to give to everyone who participated.

Not to fret, though. I will be holding more contests in the future, so watch out for them!

[Random hamster prize]

Okay, I’m announcing the winners now! Is your name on the list?
(Click here to see pictures of the prizes) Great Hamster Giveaway Winners

  1. Jane Foo – Pink Princess Castle
  2. Syndicatee – Cosy hamster cottage
  3. Cannie – Hamster house and bathroom
  4. Kewrious – Hamster wheel
  5. Clarissa – Hamster bed with cooling pad
  6. Annisha – Hamster couch with cooling pad
  7. Danny – Hamster Bathroom
  8. Bunny – S.A.M. feeder
  9. Winston – Capsule hamster bathtub
  10. Issura – Cardboard playpen
  11. yukita – Cardboard playpen
  12. modchip – Mini food dish
  13. CJ – Grow your own grass
  14. xing – Hamster ball
  15. boa51186 – Feeding bottle
  16. Kochier – S.A.M. elbow tube
  17. GeekStars – Wood carrot chew toy

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation! I really enjoyed reading all your answers, too! ;) I will be sending all of you an e-mail soon about your prize collection.

Some interesting facts

  • The draw was conducted using a randomiser. First drawn person got first prize and so on.
  • Jane (1st) had 55 credits.
  • Cannie (3rd) holds the record for most credits earned — 64.
  • Danny (7th) is the luckiest, being the only contestant with only 1 credit to win a prize.
  • Most of the winners had at least 20 credits. Two winners had below 10 credits.
  • There are four outside-Singapore winners — Malaysia, Philippines, Canada and UK.

Well, that is all. I hope your hamsters like their new toys!