Whee! We got a Wii!

Today is show and tell day. It’s going to be lots of show and little tell because…

Iiiiiiiiiiit’s a Wii…..!


*big smile*

Apparently, the Goonfather had planned to buy me a Wii long ago. He was just being evil by buying his PS3 first. But who cares, I got my Wii! Wheee!

Look how cute it is!

He said it’s my birthday present, even though my birthday is almost three months away. Which is not fair, because then I won’t get anything on my birthday, will I?

Well, we’ll see about it when my birthday arrives. Hah.

Wii gloves!

It’s supposed to say “Wii” on the back of the gloves when you put ’em together, but you have to flip the photo around for it to work. Otherwise it’ll say “iiW”, instead.

[flipped photo]

Pink gloves! OMG OMG OMG. I have white and pink Wii gloves! Wii is soooooo cool I can’t get over it!

See how the gloves says “iiW” when you don’t flip the photo around?

But that smiley thing is cute, anyway.

Here’s me holding the Wii remote (called the Wiimote) and the Nunchuk, pretending to play.

Lastly, irrelevant random picture. The Goonfather bought me some pink candyfloss. I don’t know what for, since I don’t really eat that stuff. He’s weird.

Okay, and now I’m going to hibernate with my Wii until the year 2017. See ya!

Kidding. Probably gonna hibernate until 2008 only, the most.