Fashion Diary #15: Candy Rock

Day 15

Name of outfit: Candy Rock


Destination: Playing Guitar Hero III at home

Notes: The Goonfather just bought Guitar Hero III (for the PS3) so I wanted to take some photos of us playing the game. For that, I decided to emulate one of the avatars in the game, a kawaii Japanese guitarist wearing a jacket, mini skirt, platform shoes and knee socks. She even carries a tiny haversack on stage!

I don’t have an outfit exactly like that, so I did the best I could. You’ve seen these clothes before, so today I’m focusing on accessories. I used hairclips on my socks to make them look less plain. I tied shoelaces on my arm and wrist for want of better alternatives to complete the outfit. I love mis-using accessories!

I’ll talk about Guitar Hero III tomorrow and you can check out the kawaii Japanese chick. It’s a fun game and the Goonfather is totally addicted to it!

Fashion Diary #13: Truth Candy

Day 13

Name of outfit: Truth Candy


Destination: A day out (lunch and movie at VivoCity, catch an evening play, hang out at friend’s place)

Notes: I was in a particular mood to dress up yesterday but I was so sick of wearing my favourite outfits over and over again. So I pulled out this old top/dress thingy I bought so long ago I can’t remember when.

I didn’t like it after I bought it so I’ve never actually worn it out before. (I have tons of these “shopping rejects”.)

I guess I found that it didn’t look too bad paired with my assorted black and white things. It’s not an outfit I feel extremely comfortable in — I feel weird in leggings — but it’s different, so that works for me.