Fashion Diary #16: Guitar Heroine

Day 16

Name of outfit: Guitar Heroine


Destination: Photoshoot by Justyn Olby

Notes: I decided to do a proper Guitar Hero fashion shoot with a proper location and a proper photographer. It’s fun! My bedroom shoot just didn’t cut it.

It was by chance that Justyn and I had the same idea that day. He had chosen a largely white location. I had put on a largely white outfit. We didn’t have time to find another location so we made do. But, you know what, I quite like the effect.

Fashion Diary #12: High Tea

Day 12

Name of outfit: High Tea


Destination: Photoshoot by Justyn Olby

Notes: I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m kinda running out of clothes. Hahaha. I mean, I still have a lot of clothes lah, but I don’t really like them that much. I used to wear this top a lot when my favourite colour was blue. But now I don’t really like it anymore.

It’s kinda weird how, after wearing a piece of clothing for some time, “favourite” becomes “yuck”. This is something I’ve been trying to figure out for ages but can’t really get a handle on.

That’s why, nowadays, I like to buy very cheap clothes so I can wear it for a while, get sick of it, and throw it away or use it as a rag or something.

I bought this top for like S$7 a year ago and have worn it everywhere, for every ocassion, from work to shopping to formal dinners to disco parties. You can’t quite tell from the photo but it’s actually a striped top (blue and white) and it’s about time it got retired.

Fashion Diary #4: Strawberry Milk

Day 4

Name of outfit: Strawberry Milk


Destination: Velvet Dragon

Notes: First of all, the top is white, and not that deathly shade of blue-gray as it appears in the picture. You can thank my bad photography and photoshopping skills for that.

For the longest time, my wardrobe was dominated by blue. Now, it’s white (and a bit of pink). I’m in love with white. I decided recently that I like white more than blue now so my wardrobe is now 70% white.

Lastly, white with pink is totally yummy! I’m in love with white and pink. You can probably tell.