Fashion Diary #13: Truth Candy

Day 13

Name of outfit: Truth Candy


Destination: A day out (lunch and movie at VivoCity, catch an evening play, hang out at friend’s place)

Notes: I was in a particular mood to dress up yesterday but I was so sick of wearing my favourite outfits over and over again. So I pulled out this old top/dress thingy I bought so long ago I can’t remember when.

I didn’t like it after I bought it so I’ve never actually worn it out before. (I have tons of these “shopping rejects”.)

I guess I found that it didn’t look too bad paired with my assorted black and white things. It’s not an outfit I feel extremely comfortable in — I feel weird in leggings — but it’s different, so that works for me.

Fashion Diary #9: Lollipop Stop

Day 9

Name of outfit: Lollipop Stop


Destination: Photoshoot

Notes: My good friend, Justyn Olby, decided one day that he was tired of seeing the same ol’ boring backgrounds in my hastily self-taken photographs, so he dragged me out for a proper photoshoot.

I had to cough out four outfits in a day! Outfits I’ve never published in this Fashion Diary! It was quite a tall order but I managed to accomplish it by pulling out some old things and doing lots of mixing and matching.

So, here’s the first one. I’m not sure where I’d wear it to, though. Maybe to a party.