Daily Journal – August 26

Daily Journal - August 26



Coffee & Sleep

This morning, Piers drank instant coffee instead of his machine coffee because I was sleeping and he didn’t want to wake me up with the noise. He can be so sweet.

I slept till 11 am. It’s rare that I’m able to fall back asleep in the morning so I let myself sleep as much as possible. But I do feel guilty. About the coffee. And sleeping in.

Rainy Summer

It rained all day today, so I had to wear my wellies for my daily walk. Wellies in the summer! That’s more like the England I know and love!


I’m grateful for my new water filter pitcher even though it is annoying. It claims to be thoughtfully designed and has designer pricing but I don’t think it’s so great. My cheap Brita is better than it, I think!


71,421 steps this week!


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