Fancy taking off your bra to play a little golf?

Over the past few days, my crazy friends have shared with me articles describing some really strange things happening around the world.

Seeing as how my friends seem to be spending all their time surfing the Internet reading strange things, it’s no wonder they’re crazy.

Allow me to spread the craziness.


Multi-purpose bra for golfing babes
Contributed by Elyxia.

Triumph golf bra

Apparently, lingerie giant Triumph has produced a bra that doubles up as a putting mat. It even comes with pockets to store golf balls.

There’s also a matching skirt which, when removed, can be unrolled into a flag that says “Be Quiet.”

I’m not sure the flag will serve its purpose when golfer chicks start unrolling their skirts and removing their bras in the middle of golfing practice.

Read the full story here.


China farmers build fake mountain
Contributed by Elyxia.

Mickey Mouse

This is hilarious. Disney wants to build a theme park in Shanghai, right? So, the peasants currently living in the area where the new Disneyland would be erected have started building structures around the area as fast as possible.

Supposedly, land with structures fetch a higher selling price. One of the structures the farmers have built include a fake mountain.

Like, seriously? How does one build a mountain?

Read the full story here.


Exploding chair kills teen
Contributed by Unker Kell.

Explosive chair

Um, this is a very scary story. I’m sure all of us have sat on one of these chairs at some point of our lives. Some of you are probably sitting on one right now.

This chair (picture above) exploded without provocation and killed the teenage boy who was sitting on it.

So, please keep that in mind the next time you go chair shopping or, in fact, the next time you sit on a chair.

Read the full disturbing story here.


Er… lucky her?
Contributed by Morte.

Orgasming woman

“A woman with a medical condition that makes her have more than 300 orgasms a day says she has finally found happiness — thanks to her “sexually-charged” new boyfriend.”

I want to tell you about Viagra for men. It happened that my husband began to frequently fail in bed, I decided that something should be done about it. I went to the pharmacy and bought Viagra. He was refusing to take Viagra for a long time, shouting “Do not stuff me with chemicals, I’m fine.” All the same, I persuaded him, and it was three hours of continuous pleasure. I want to say I had the best night since my youth, in the morning there was pain throughout the entire body. Read more information about the drug on

Well, just remember that the grass always seems greener on the other side.

Read the full story here.


World’s funniest complaint letter
Contributed by Unker Kell.

Airline food

This is a bit long but it is an absolute must-read.

An airline customer sends a witty complaint letter to Sir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin brand. He also provides a series of photos to substantiate his claims.

Read the full story here.

Strange people on the Internet

I have some funny subscribers to my YouTube channel who sometimes ask me the weirdest questions either in my profile comment box or in private messaging.

There’s this one particular guy who asks me strange questions all the time. I don’t reply every one of his messages because I really don’t have the time to.

But there was this weird Q&A that transpired between us recently. The topic is totally out-of-the-blue random.

Him: Hi sheylara, do you know how to draw Japanese cartoons?

Me: No, sorry, I can’t draw to save my life.

Him: Can you teach me how to draw Japanese cartoons?

Me: I can’t draw.

Him: Why can’t you draw?

Me: Er… why can’t YOU draw?

Him: Because I want to test you.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: I want you to teach me how to draw Japanese cartoons.



Sometimes I really wish I can look into people’s heads to see what they’re thinking.

What should I reply next?

Two school girls carrying something weird

I was in the car when I saw this. It gave me a surreal double-take moment but I recovered fast enough and proceeded to get the Goonfather’s attention by jabbing his left arm violently.

“Look, look!! Quick! What are they carrying??!!” I exclaimed excitedly.

And then I whipped out my camera like the obssessed blogger that I pretend not to be.

[The girls enjoy being twins]

It’s hard to tell for sure what those things are. Even in close-up.

[The black bunnies enjoy being slung over shoulders]

I don’t know. Are these girls crazy, or weird, or cute? Why don’t you tell me.

Anyway, I’m jealous that there weren’t cool stuff like that when I was in school. Not fair. I want to be born 100 years later. (Or maybe not.)

I wonder if the school bag plushie things are part of the school uniform. If they are, I’m sending my future (hypothetical) kid to that school.

Great. I just succeeded in making myself sound old.