Disturbing sight in female locker room

There’s this weird lady at my gym. I’ve seen her in the female locker room three times now.

I’m trying to be PC here, so let’s just say that her weight errs significantly on the heavy side. And she likes to hang out in view dressed only in homely skin-coloured underwear, for extended periods of time.

Of course, we shouldn’t judge people on their body shape and choice of undies. What I find disturbing is that, each time I saw her, she was doing ONE thing. She was trimming her toenails. Or at least pretending to.

She’s a Chinese lady in her 30s or 40s (I’m a bad judge of age so I can’t really say for sure). By the third time I saw her, I suspected that she was only pretending to be trimming her toenails because nobody needs to trim their toenails two times a week.

(In any case, it’s rude to trim your nails onto the gym floor where people always walk around barefoot.)

I never looked at her long enough to see if she was really trimming them. Our lockers are in the same row so I can see her when I step into the locker room, but I always avert my gaze.

Still, the unavoidable glances were enough to tell me that she’s either standing or sitting at the locker bench, with one foot propped on the bench, back hunched over, and both hands fussing over the propped foot.

Locker room woman

This posture really isn’t pretty, especially for a barely-dressed person.

Once, I was really bushed after training, so I sat at the bench for a long time to get my breath and energy back. The whole time, maybe 10-15 minutes, she was in that position, leisurely picking at her toes.

Another time, while I was preparing my shower things at my locker, my peripheral vision caught her getting up from that hunched-over position, removing her underwear, wrapping a towel around herself, and then walking off to the shower area.

I went off to shower shortly after.

When I came out of the shower, which was maybe five minutes later, there she was again, back into her skin-coloured undies, back into doing her toes. This time, though, she was in a standing position.

Locker room woman

What the…?

I really wonder about people.