Lousy musician, weird fan mail

My first public performance as a drummer!

Okay, this isn’t a particularly exciting piece for me to showcase since the drumming for this song is supposed to be understated and unexciting. But this is the only video I have.

And Cheryl Sim is an amazing singer so it’s worth watching. (I had two two different vocalists, by the way, both named Cheryl.)

Anyway, I left my camera with the guys and I think this footage was shot by Unker Kell, using The Goonfather as a tripod.

I’m glad they didn’t film the other song because I was a mess in that one. I totally suck as a music performance artiste. I’m only kind of good for posing as one.

My Girly Band

In the above picture is the other Cheryl, who sang Sweet Child ‘O Mine.

And… introducing my future band mate: Minou!

Minou and Sheylara

She just started taking electric piano lessons at The Music Lab. We’re going to perform together in the next student concert!

Playing at The Crazy Elephant was nice. Felt like a real gig, with a real audience, unlike a regular student concert filled with friends and family who smile and nod at you encouragingly even though you suck.

My Girly Band @ The Crazy Elephant

We all didn’t have, like, band names. On the programme sheet, we’re listed as Band 1, Band 2, Band 3, etc.

I didn’t bring the programme sheet home with me cos my friends spilled chilli sauce on it while I was on stage performing.

By the way (and this is totally unrelated), a stranger recently e-mailed me asking if I had a boyfriend because he wants to ask me out on a date.

I replied, “I am attached but thanks for your e-mail.”

He said, “Do you mind having another bf?”

We went back and forth a little with him trying to get my number and me politely declining until I got tired of replying. It was getting ridiculous so I just ignored the whole thing for a bit.

And then… I got this:

“If you don’t want to give that person a chance, at least give yourself a chance to open up to more choices and possibilities. Should get to know more guys while you still young, while you still can! I mean…this is the 21st century and people are talking about women liberalising.. Furthermore, you’re so pretty..It will be such a waste if you constraint your whole life to just one guy. It’s an exciting world out there. Prove me wrong..?”

Total flabbergastation.

I didn’t reply that because I don’t think any reply in the world can do that piece of work any justice.


Six days later…

He e-mailed me one more time.

He said, “I guess you are not as spontaneous as Fiona Xie…”


Excuse me?