Daily Journal – August 29

Daily Journal - August 29



Super Piers

We had a surprise visitor at our front door this morning. Another baby toad! (Ref: Aug 14) Piers spotted it standing on the threshold when he opened the door.

Spotting creatures is one of Piers’ superpowers. He sees them however small or camouflaged they are. This toad was a 5p-coin of a little black blob against a black threshold strip. If I had even looked down on the floor I would have seen a tiny clod of dirt and possibly even stepped on it. I mean, no one but Piers could have seen it!

Piers is my superhero, seer and rescuer of innocent, straying creatures.


I’m grateful for the chance to take a morning stroll to the shop with Piers. It’s only a 700 step walk one way (lol, I measure time in steps these days) and I wish it were longer.


The wasp man came today (ref. Aug 19) and put something in the nest to chase all the wasps away!


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Daily Journal – August 27

Daily Journal - August 27




My body is at odds with me. I wake up too early on days I need good sleep the most. I mean, I wake up prematurely on regular days, anyway, and struggle through the day with 3 hours’ sleep. But on important days – job interview, photoshoot, exam, socialising – my body won’t sleep!

This Saturday, I have to host a family lunch followed by an evening BBQ for like 30 people. Looking forward to zombie-ing the day with 2 hours’ sleep. lol.

I asked my family doctor about 10 years ago to prescribe an effective sleep aid (problems falling asleep). Before that, I had tried various things (Valerian, etc.), but without any effect. I am very happy with ambien and only take it when necessary. I only take max. 1/2 tablet, but usually 1/4 tablet.

All the meditating and yoga in the world do not help. Short of getting knocked unconscious, I don’t know what to do. Maybe move to some mountain and become a hermit.

50.8 KG

I am not losing weight after all. Not that I was trying hard. And exercise is making me eat more!

Wasp Cannonball

Was doing a bit of brisk walking in the garden when a wasp slammed into my face. I think it was a wasp. It was a big, round, furry something and it made a noise cannonballing into my face before flying away. What!


I am grateful that I survived the day and didn’t fall apart. I live to struggle another day!


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