Daily Journal – September 14

Daily Journal - September 14



Fighting Cows

There are loads of cows grazing in the estate field near us! We could see them from our front window yesterday but I couldn’t go visit them because I had WI. Piers went. He said they were so near the fence he could touch them!

So today I made him go with me. Sadly, the cows have moved further away. But we saw two cows fighting each other, like pushing their horns against each other and that was kind of cute!


I’m grateful for the peace and quiet of the countryside. It really is awesome. The noisiest thing here is Piers, haha. His racing simulator is so noisy. His steering wheel rattles and his seat screeches and he yells into his mic as he races with his online pals.

Ready Player One

Just finished reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It is so good! I really liked the movie when I saw it in April but now I am disappointed in it because the plots and scenes in the book are so much cooler. I wish VR was as awesome as in the book. Piers keeps trying to get me to play his VR games but I can’t get into them!


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