Gift ideas round the globe from vPOST


Thanks to my hectic schedule, I’m always leaving present-shopping till too late! Well, I checked out vPOST‘s Valentine’s Day promotion and am reminded that there are only four days left till Valentine’s Day.


Actually, the Goonfather doesn’t expect Valentine’s Day presents from me, but I like buying him stuff.

The problem is, there always isn’t time. I had left Christmas shopping till too late last year and ended up buying a tin of cookies for him on Christmas Day itself.

(I was in Cold Storage with my friends, shopping for last-minute groceries for our Christmas dinner. While we were queueing up to pay for our items, the guys sneaked out to look at girls outside the mall. I chose that moment to grab the giant tin and actually managed to smuggle it back, gift-wrap it and hide it among the presents under our Christmas tree without the Goonfather even noticing, even though he was with us the whole time!)


So, I’ve decided to shop online this time (and all future times – birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, teacher’s day, children’s day… um, everything lah) because I doubt I’ll ever have time to go hunting all over Singapore for presents.

Shopping online is a good idea. I found a few things I could get for the Goonfather which I would never have found if I’d randomly gone to some generic shopping mall.

The first one is a Mazda RX-7.


Well, okay, it’s a remote control car but it drifts!

The Goonfather loves remote control cars. And drifting. But his remote control cars can’t drift and it’s too expensive to drift his real car, so he only does it in video games.

Now there’s this! Check out the video. It’s very amazing!!

There are six models to choose from. I chose the RX-7 because that’s my favourite car in Initial D (the anime).

You can buy this item here.

Next item. A missile launcher. It’s so geeky I think all guys will love it.

I love the product description.

The latest from the Department of Desktop Warfare

The office arms race continues, and we think this newest escalation could very well lead to mutually assured destruction on all sides! With the ability to connect (and simultaneously control) an almost unlimited number of missile launchers (well, only limited by your system memory and number of USB ports), the USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher will empower you to unleash something akin to total office annihilation. Not only will you achieve strength with the size of your battery of missiles, they will be accurate too. The built-in laser missile aiming system will allow you to aim and fire your weapons with close to pinpoint accuracy! Just point the red laser dot at your target and slowly squeeze your mouse trigger finger.

I can imagine the Goonfather terrorising all his colleagues with this.

ThinkGeek has tons of cool items you can buy your guy (or for geeky girls… like me)!

There’s also this item he’s been eyeing for a long time. The Gene Simmons Axe Guitar (compatible with Rock Band and Guitar Hero games).

Is that the coolest guitar ever or what?

(Ashamedly, I don’t even know who the heck Gene Simmons is. But who cares. The guitar look nice can already.)

Well, I can’t really decide. Maybe I’ll get everything cos they’re all so cool. Of course, I’m using vPOST for my online shopping cos there’s a Valentine’s Day promotion offering 20% off shipping charges till Feb 28, 2009! Yay!

What I like about vPOST is that it allows you to buy items from USA, UK and Japanese websites (over 350,000 of them) even if those sites do not ship to Singapore. That’s really handy, I think.

You will get USA, UK and Japanese shipping addresses to use for your order so that vPOST can receive the items on your behalf and ship it to Singapore within five to eight working days (upon payment of shipping charges).

(By the way, this service is also available for Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and India users, limited to USA shipping addresses.)

((And vPOST shipping charges are at least 20% cheaper than other international shipping providers.))


Only three simple steps are required to use vPOST:

I suppose that doesn’t tell you very much. Haha. But you can read the fully detailed guide here.

vPOST also provides a vCONCIERGE service which helps you buy stuff. It’s great for people who don’t have credit cards, or for times when a retailer doesn’t accept your Singapore-issued credit card.

Check out this geeky guy explaining the service:

Well, thank goodness for online shopping. Then again, one of the hazards is that you will find so much great stuff without much effort that you’ll start inventing reasons to buy presents for people.

Or maybe that’s just me.

One of my favourite sites to shop at is JBOX, which has all sorts of crazy Japanese things.

For example, how about this ninja sword ear cleaner?

LOL. The Japanese come up with the craziest stuff.

Speaking of which, if you didn’t watch I Survived a Japanese Game Show, you MUST watch it because the Japanese thought up the most hilarious ways to abuse a bunch of Americans and it’s so entertaining! YouTube has the entire season.

JBOX also has lots of irresistable Hello Kitty merchandise which will cute you to death.

I want all these!

By the way, here’s one tip to avoid paying GST on your online purchases:

You will be charged GST only if your package exceeds S$400. So, if you’re feeling rich and buying a ton of stuff from the same retailer, just split up your purchases so that no single parcel is worth more than S$400. (Don’t forget to work out the currency exchange.)

Well, happy shopping! Don’t forget to buy something for me! =P


Photos from Nuffnang Christmas Party

I almost didn’t go for the Nuffnang Christmas party because I didn’t have time to get a costume.

The party was co-sponsored by vPOST and we had to go as characters or things beginning with the letters V, P, O, S or T.

Me and my friends were assigned the letter T.

Just a few hours before the party, Minou, myself and Unker Kell went costume hunting.

The Goonfather had class till 6 pm, so he was going to join us at the party. He said he’d go as a Tourist, so all he had to do was wear a big shirt. Which is what he usually wears, anyway.


So we decided to get him a prop camera. After getting our costumes at a costume shop, we went to Popular bookshop to get some supplies, then went home.

Unker Kell made this while I was getting dressed.


I decided to go as a Tooth Fairy, and Minou made this for me while Unker Kell was making the camera and I was getting dressed.


It’s a cardboard tooth which I tied to one of my necklaces.

Minou chose to be a Tiger because, she says, “I’ve always wanted to have a tail.”


I had to sit sideways in the car; my wings were in the way.

Unker Kell couldn’t find any suitable costumes, so he went home to dig out an outfit he had worn for another costume party. Haha.

He’s a Thug!

We ended up being two hours late for the party.

We didn’t do much there except take photos which, I feel, is the whole point of a costume party.

Here’s my photo with a famous old man.

His hands are pretty young, though.

Haha. The old man is Kenny Sia.

My friend, Timo, who went as Mr Paranoid:

He won one of the top three prizes for best costume.

The Goonfather came really late, almost missing the party, almost wasting Unker Kell’s effort of making him the camera.

I tried to make full use of it in his absence.

He did come, finally, like half an hour before the party ended.

But he got into the role of nerdy tourist very quickly.

Okay, I’ve run out of words, so here are just more photos.

Say cheese! =)