The impulsive $100 dinner

It was around 8 pm. We were at VivoCity, walking around after a movie, wondering what to eat.

Neither of us had much of an appetite. The Goonfather had stuffed himself silly with popcorn and M&Ms in the cinema. I was feeling sick because our movie was Final Destination 4 (which critics have labelled “death porn”).

I decided to go shopping at Watson’s first. On our way there, we passed by Marusui Fish Market, a Japanese seafood and sushi outlet where you can do takeaways or eat in.

Marusui Fish Market

The Goonfather said, “Wanna eat salmon sashimi?”

I love salmon sashimi but I said no. “Not after watching FD4. I can’t!”

While I was happily browsing at Watson’s, the Goonfather disappeared for a while and then came back again.

“Hey!” he said excitedly. “Wanna eat very yummy crab?”

Crab sounded nice. I love crab. But it wasn’t like the Goonfather to suggest crab for dinner.

I said, “What crab?”

He said, “I think this crab, just one crab claw is enough to fill you up.”

“What kind of freaky crab is that?”

I didn’t believe him. So, after my shopping, he dragged me next door to Marusui Fish Market again, where I saw this:

Hokkaido King Crab


To appreciate how huge the claws really are, you have to see this photo.

Hokkaido King Crab

The Goonfather said, “Wanna eat?”

I was, like, “SIAO LAH! SO EXPENSIVE!”

He asked the chef to estimate the weight of each crab. The chef was really friendly and accommodating, and actually helped us weigh it, and even printed out the price tag sticker to show us.

The piece I was holding in my right hand (without the pincers) turned out to be 420 grams and cost $68.

After thanking the chef, we were ready to walk out of the outlet when the Goonfather suddenly turned back again.

“Heck,” he said. “Let’s just get it, since you never tried before.”

I was game to try it, of course, having never eaten such a huge ass crab claw in my life.

And that was how we ended up sitting down for a $100 seafood feast despite neither of us being very hungry.

We ordered that $68 claw. The chef gave us an $8 discount and even threw in two small claw ends. Looks like this when it’s all cut up:

Hokkaido King Crab

The crab is just steamed plain.

We also ordered salmon and scallop sashimi, and, later on, some tamago sushi.

Hokkaido King Crab

Tamago sushi

The crab was really quite fantastic. Well, most of it anyway. Some parts of it were a little fishy, but there were enough non-fishy parts for me to enjoy.

Solid and chunky meat! Sweet taste!

And the Goonfather was wrong about one crab claw filling me up.

I couldn’t even finish half of half of a crab claw!

The portion we ordered was about half an entire claw, and the Goonfather had to eat maybe two-thirds of it.

The claw doesn’t look intimidating at first sight, but the meat is so solid that it just fills you up quickly.

The sashimi was also really fresh. I enjoyed it even though my stomach was protesting from the movie.

Our total damage, including two alcoholic drinks, was $105.75.

Tamago sushi

I suppose, after death porn, some food porn was befitting.

Marusui Fish Market is located at #B2-15 of VivoCity. It faces Giant Supermarket.

The outlet gets a fresh shipment every Friday, so maybe the best time to go would be Friday night and Saturday!

I saw Kelly Chen at VivoCity

I was at Golden Village VivoCity last night, just sitting at the wall sofa with my friends while we waited for our movie.

Suddenly, Wang Wang said, “Isn’t that Kelly Chen?”

I turned and looked.

“Yup,” I said.

Wang Wang said, “She’s so tall! And her eyes are so big!”

“Yeah,” I had to agree. “She’s very very pretty in real life.”

We sat there and watched as Hong Kong celebrity Kelly Chen, surrounded by security guards and minders, walked past us.

The cinema was quite empty at the time, so she only collected a small mob by the time she reached the other end of the foyer.

I’m not into chasing celebrities and I’m not a Kelly Chen fan, either, so I just sat there at first. But then I suddenly remembered that I have unwittingly turned myself into a pseudo-journalist with this blog, and that I have a duty to my readers, some of whom might be Kelly Chen fans.

So I sprung out of my seat and raced after Kelly Chen and her entourage.

She had to stop for a bit because her 15 or so fans were demanding autographs. I don’t know where they got it from, but they had posters of her latest movie, An Empress and The Warriors.

It was almost impossible to take a photo of her because everyone was stuffing posters in her face.

One of her minders kept yelling out in a strict voice, “Put it lower, put it lower!”

After a while, they finally did lower the posters and I managed to get a couple pictures.

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

Haha… she looks like she’s getting strangled by her fans.

That was all I managed to photograph before her minders pulled her away from the mob into Cinema 1.

Okay, side story!

I have been likened to Kelly Chen several times in the past, at different periods of my life when I sported a certain hairstyle.

In fact, every time I change my hairstyle, someone will comment that I look like a different celebrity or famous person. It’s damn weird lah. As if my face is plastacine.

Anyway, I used to not like it when people told me I look like Kelly Chen. I didn’t think she was that pretty. I prefer other kinds of pretty, like sweetie-pie Vivian Hsu, with big round anime eyes.

[Vivan Hsu]

I know she used to be a porn actress but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I have to agree that I did look like Kelly Chen from some angles. But I know she’s much prettier than me, so don’t rub it in. Haha.

Here, I dug up a few photos. These were taken about four years ago when I had the Kelly Chen hairstyle.




Kelly Chen is mesmerising in real life. Maybe it’s that celebrity aura that most celebrities have. She sort of floated along like a goddess, standing a head taller than all the people guarding her, her face glowing.

She never smiled. Her expression was like you see in the photos the whole time.

It looks kinda cool, so I’m going to practise that.

Anyone wants to play at being my entourage and come and mob me some time so I can practise my goddess walk? Haha.

This will make a carnivore out of you

I know some people are going to kill me for this, but what can I do? Journalists live dangerously. (Which is why I quit being a journalist, but old habits die hard.)

Anyway… another food post!


We took the Goonfather to Carnivore for his birthday. The food is so good I feel compelled to go back again right after I digest my first meal!

The concept is not new (been around for ages) but for those who haven’t tried it, it’s a barbeque buffet restaurant where they serve you meat right off the skewers in front of you.


There are several kinds of beef (different parts), lamb, pork, ham, chicken, fish, sausages. There are also interesting things like chicken hearts and pineapple. The meat waiters just come to you nonstop to fill up your plate.

There’s also a salad bar with all kinds of vegetables and pasta. It’s delicious!!!

Here’s what my plate looks like after I’ve helped myself to some salad and had my first piece of beef sliced onto my plate.

This beef just melts in your mouth.

I love the chicken heart.

I hate the pineapple because it burned my tongue (acid burn, not heat burn).

But I seem to be the only one who suffered from that. The others loved the pineapple. It looks dry but it’s really juicy and fragrant when you bite into it. It’s barbequed on a skewer and sliced hot directly onto your plate, like the meats.

One note of caution. Some of the meats are really salty so might not be suitable for people who take minimal salt. But I love it!

And now, for something truly disgusting to take your appetite off a bit.

Rare beef! Yuck.

Some of the beef come with rare centres. It’s so rare it’s raw! The Goonfather and Morte were lapping it up like carnivores. Gross. I don’t know how anyone can look at that red glob and salivate like a savage, which is what the two carnivores sitting beside me were doing.

You can request for the more cooked parts if you’re squeamish like me. The cooked parts are divine. I’ve never eaten so much beef in one sitting!

Ok, enough meat. It’s dessert time!

There’s a chocolate fondue fountain beside the salad bar, stocked with fruits and marshmallows.

That’s Paul’s plate above.

He started rather conservatively with a few pretty sticks.

But he found that he enjoyed it so much, he had to go back for second helpings.

How can anyone eat so much dessert after stuffing himself silly with a whole cow??!! (That’s roughly how much meat he ate.)

Well, he’s Paul, aka Don Juan de Porko. Like that explains anything. But it does.

Personally, I don’t like chocolate fondue (because I don’t like dark chocolate) and I find this chocolate too sweet.

The Goonfather says I’m lousy because I don’t appreciate fine foods like raw meat and dark chocolate.


When everyone was stuffed and couldn’t eat another bite, we sprang the surprise.

The Goonfather nearly jumped out of his skin in shock when the waiters sprang out from the kitchen bearing a cake and singing him a birthday song in Spanish.


But I think he was generally pleased with the surprise.

I don’t know how anyone managed to eat any birthday cake at that point of time, but we all did. It’s Lana chocolate cake!!

Satisfied smiles.

But it’s really a bad idea to do a birthday cake thing at a buffet restaurant.

I told Wang Wang as much, but she said the Carnivore staff are really nice and will sing a birthday song on request, so I thought I would give it a try.

I suppose it was worth it.

I’m definitely going back again!

If you go at 5:30pm, there’s a happy hour price of $31++ or $33++ depending on the day of the week. Regular prices are $39++ and $42++. There’s a branch at Chjimes and one at VivoCity.

Bad experience at Superdog

Last week, I brought The Goonfather to Superdog at VivoCity because I had tried it once and loved it. The Ripper hotdog was crunchy and juicy. The bun was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The sauce was yummy.

But my second trip turned out quite disastrous.

  1. We were overcharged because the counter girl thought she was damn smart.

    We had used two discounted-meal coupons in our order. We also ordered two individual items. But the counter girl didn’t key in the items as that. She split up the items in the discounted meals and keyed in everything individually.

    The Goonfather told her that the tally wasn’t right because of that. She insisted she was correct. They had a ten-minute discussion which I didn’t hear because I was waiting at the seating area. Finally, he gave up arguging and sat down to work out the sums.

    After a while, he figured it out and brought the receipt back to explain. The manager said he would check it out. It took a few of the staff 30 minutes to discuss and check, after which they came back and refunded us $1. *lol*

  2. They used the wrong bun on the wrong hotdog.

    We ordered a Spicy Italian and a Ripper. The menu specifies that the Spicy Italian comes in a soft bun. And I know the Ripper comes in a toasted bun.

    When our order arrived, the Spicy Italian was in toasted bun.

    The Ripper was in a soft bun.

    Both wrong.

    I know the hotdogs actually look quite delicious in the pictures. But read on.

  3. The Spicy Italian was charred and didn’t taste good. It was dry and tasteless.
  4. The toasted bun was dry and hard throughout, unlike the first time I had tried it.
  5. The Ripper tasted wrong. It wasn’t crispy, crunchy and juicy like the last time. It tasted more like cheap canned hotdog.
  6. The Ripper’s bun was coated with sauce when it came. By the time I was done with my meal, my fingers were disgustingly sticky. Aren’t they supposed to put sauce on the dog and not on the bun? (On the plus side, the sauce still tasted as good as before. Haha.)

I’m totally mystified. How could things get so bad so fast? Perhaps it was “one of those days” for the restaurant.

We also had a burger, which was quite nice but not spectacular.

But our overall experience was disappointing. After my first time, I had thought I’d found another nice fast food which isn’t too expensive. I love fast food and was looking forward to becoming a regular customer.

But after this round, The Goonfather swore he would never step back there again. Haha.

Oh, well. There’s always McDonald’s.