Can’t say much today cos I’m falling asleep

I arrived home from Sarawak about three hours ago.

Very sleepy, but very satisfied, and a little stressed.

Didn’t get enough sleep in Sarawak. There were too many things to see and do!

But the trip was one of my best travel experiences, if not the best, I ever had, so I feel very fulfilled despite my exhaustion.

I’m on the top of the world!

Okay, fine. A very small hillock.

Alright, alright. A rather small rock thing.


Work deadlines are piling up since I was out of commission for over three days.

I hardly know where to begin!!

Well, technically, I’ve already begun by clearing e-mails and doing some writing work. But I hardly know where to continue!

Okay, I know. I’m going to take a nap next.

Good night and see you tonight!

That sounds rather paradoxical. I know, I’m so very clever.

And I make funny poses.

Star Blog chat tonight at 9 pm!!