Cry and the world laughs at you

Yesterday’s shoot lasted 16 hours. 10 am till 2 am. Surprisingly, I wasn’t tired at all. Even couldn’t sleep after getting home.

This project over.

Kids drama project still not over.

I’m depressed.

I hate unprofessional people.

They’re everywhere. Like tapeworms in your intestines.

Why are the unprofessional ones getting all the breaks?

Life is unfair, so stop procreating and causing more pain and unfairness in the world.

Have an event job coming up. We’ve had two rehearsals but I still don’t know how much we’re getting paid and the first event is in two days. They keep saying they’ll e-mail us the contract but I’ve waited 2.5 weeks.


I’m fed up and mad at the world.

I want to throw a tantrum but the sensible side of me knows it won’t help anything. It’ll just make people think I’m a either petty or a crazy bitch to stay away from.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!


So what can I do?

I don’t wonder why so many people jump into MRT tracks.