It pays to take photos of everything… including ice cream

A few days ago, we brought Elyxia to Udders, a popular ice cream franchise in Singapore.

Elyxia comes back to Singapore (from Hong Kong) every few months and we always bring her to all our newly-discovered eating places to stuff her silly.

Anyway, this was the second time we visited Udders.

Udders Ice Cream

After I got my ice cream (self-service), which was served in a disposable paper container, I walked out to the table where my friends were.

I asked everyone, “Did our ice cream come in paper cups the last time?”

Almost everyone said, “Yes!” without hesitation.

The last time we went to Udders was three weeks ago.

I said, “Funny, I have an impression that it was a plate or something.”

Minou said, “I remember our two scoops were more side by side than stacked on each other.”

Everyone else said, “Is it?”

CLUB MORTE, YOU ARE ALL SUPER BLUR! (Including me lah, okay?) (Except Elyxia, who is exempt from judgement this time.)

I went home and dug into my photo archives. Here are the photos of the ice cream I took three weeks back.

Udders Ice Cream

Our ice cream came in a proper dish!!!

Everyone’s memory CMI!!! Hahaha.

By the way, the above ice cream flavours are Mao Shan Wang Durian and Rum Rum Raisin. Best combination ever.

Udders Ice Cream

The alcohol content in Udders’ alcoholic ice cream is substantial enough to make Unker Kell red in the face. That’s how potent it is.

Udders Ice Cream

Udders Ice Cream

Very good ice cream, with all kinds of flavours from classic to crazy. Great service, too. You can stand there and try all the flavours before deciding on which to buy and the staff won’t get impatient. (The people queueing up behind you might get impatient, though.)

There’s also this giant blackboard with tons of suggested flavours and people can vote on them. All kinds of crazy options there, like vegemite and kimchi (WTF).

Udders Ice Cream

Anyway, I wonder what’s up with the paper cups on our second trip. I enjoyed eating my ice cream off a proper dish the first time.

Click here for Udders outlets.