Sunday is a good day to watch TV commercials

I’ll show you one today, starring… me.

I’d talk more about the shoot but I’m outside and don’t have all my photos.

In fact, I’ve been more or less out for the past three days, which the more astute of you might have discerned if you’ve been coming here faithfully every day expecting to see new entries but instead seeing that dodgy picture of some blackish soup.

A close friend’s mum just passed away and we’ve been over at the wake. I’m now blogging from there because, no matter what, life goes on.

I’ve always feared the day I would lose a loved one. I always wonder how people cope but I suppose we cope, eventually.

Have a good Sunday, all.

EURO 2008 footballers drink Pepsi


I don’t watch football. But I drink Pepsi.

You know that Pepsi commercial in which this guy has to wrestle with his pet cheetah for his can of Pepsi Max and his friend goes “See? That’s why I keep a hamster”?

[Bad Cheetah!]

[See? That’s why I keep a hamster!]

(Click here to watch the commercial.)

It’s such a ridiculously hilarious line that my friends can’t stop quoting it to one another at the slightest provocation.

They’ve been doing that for months now.

They’re also turning me into a Pepsi addict because every time someone says that line, I feel an urge to drink Pepsi.

[Feel thirsty?]

I used to hate diet sodas because they tasted so weird. But I think they’re getting much better now. Pepsi Max actually tastes quite like regular Pepsi so, like, I’m drinking a lot of it now.


And it’s not because of the current Pepsi promotion in which you can win instant prizes and not-so-instant but very-very-cool prizes.

I’m aiming for the 52-inch HD TV (worth $8,999 and they’re giving away four sets omg).

Failing which, the PlayStation 3 bundled with a football game (also four sets) would also be very sweet.

I know I already have a PS3 but I need a white one. White gadgets make me happy.

Just take a look at this beauty!


There are many other smaller prizes, mostly food and beverage vouchers and discounts, of which I’ve collected quite a number.

Interestingly, CabalSEA has also jumped in and offered 10 Astral Boards and 10,000 limited edition Cabal Online posters as prizes. Too bad I don’t have time to play that game. I think the avatars look pretty!

[Sexy Yuan]

Anyway, this promotion is kind of tied to the current massive Pepsi Euro campaign, which is fronted by a handful of famous footballers playing for Euro 2008.

[Pepsi Football]

Well, I’m not really a foodball fan but I know David Beckham. I suppose one would have to be comatose not to know him.

So, Pepsi has produced this very cool TV commercial which stars six hotshot footballers.

[David Beckham serves Pepsi!]


The production team went around the world and interviewed random people in the streets on what they wanted to see in a Pepsi commercial starring these footballers.

[Good looking random guy]

Then they went back, selected a whole bunch of suggestions, made the ideas reality and pieced the snippets together into one coherent commercial.

The result is very, very cool. Very.

You have to watch it (click here). Not because you’re in love with the footballers but because the commercial is very, very good.

Oh, yes, the footballers. I’m thirsty. I feel like checking ‘em out.

First, there’s Lionel Messi.

[Lionel Messi]

I suppose he’s kinda cute.

Then there’s Cesc Fabregas, whose name I can’t pronounce.

[Cesc Fabregas]

Ooh, yeah, he’s kinda cute also.

There’s Thierry Henry. His name sounds familiar to me.

[Thierry Henry]

Yeah, he’s cute, too. He looks like a jazz singer in this picture, though.

Frank Lampard! Haha. Never mind.

[Frank Lampard]

He’s not in the cute range for me, but he’s alright.

Next up is Ronaldinho. What a mouthful. How do you say his name again?


Hmm… so so. Not that cute but I like his hair.

David Beckham!

[David Beckham]

He’s cute, oh yeah, he’s cute.

Four out of six cuties! That’s nice.

I suppose cute factor is not exactly relevant since they’re footballers and not models. But cute is always nice.

They’ve got personal profiles up in this pseudo social networking site specially created for this campaign. It’s called Youniverse (cool name)!

So, anyway, if David Beckham is drinking Pepsi, I’m drinking Pepsi.

Oops. Now I sound like an impressionable teenager.

Oh, what the heck.

Playing Rock Band on that 52-inch HD TV (with David Beckham) would be reeeeeally sweet!

Gotta buy more Football series Pepsi to win that baby (the TV, not David Beckham)!

Auditions… bah

Mood meter: Low.

Went for a TVC audition today and I was terrible like a camera-shy newbie.

It was a young housewife role.

I know I’m supposed to shed my auntie image but I’m not going to argue with money. TVCs are great money and I would act as a grandmother if they paid me.

Anyway, they wanted me to say the lines very auntie, very ah soh, like a gossipy housewife hanging out at the wet market. You know the kind?

I performed take after take after take. Somehow, I just couldn’t do it properly. Every inch of auntie-ness I ever possessed fled me instantly. It was like I simply couldn’t act like an ah soh if my life depended on it. 

I felt awkard and unnatural in front of the camera and my body gave out self-conscious tics each time a scene ended and I waited for the casting director to say “cut”. I giggled like a self-conscious teenager each time the “cut” came.



*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Yesterday, I went for a short film audition.

It was a callback (meaning second round of auditions).

We were given two scenes to prepare a week before the callback and, I tell you, I have never put in so much effort into an audition script, ever.

Reason being I love the script, it’s a good story and it’s the most challenging script I’ve ever worked on (has lots of subtext, role within role kinda thing, and very emotional).

So, I worked and worked and worked on it.

Because I was filming Incredible Tales last week, I didn’t have a lot of time, but I worked on the script every free moment I had. I memorised the lines to death, analysed and rehearsed each line individually, and tried out all the different ways I could play each line and feel each emotion.

I worked on the two scenes (four pages) for five consecutive days, which is rather extreme.

I had two competitors and I didn’t think I had a high chance of getting the role because I’m the wrong race. The script says “preferably caucasian” and I’m the least caucasian-looking one. 

But I worked on it, anyway, because I owe it to my reputation as a serious actress to do a good job at every audition. And because this was a tough role, I worked doubly, triply hard on it. I wanted to give a good performance not strictly to get the job, but for the sake of giving a good performance.

And then, besides filming Incredible Tales and preparing for this audition, I also had another emotional audition (TV drama) to prepare for. It was to be on the same day as the short film audition. So you can imagine my stress level last week.

Saturday was the last day of the Incredible Tales shoot, and then Sunday came. I did some final rehearsing on Sunday morning and was finally satisfied that I was well-prepared for both auditions.

The first one (TV drama) didn’t go as well as I hoped because they changed the script last minute. I had to unlearn and relearn the lines on the spot, and the emotional buildup that I had planned for didn’t work on the new, shortened script.

The second one (short film) went ok. Not as spectacular as I’d hoped, but I didn’t think I was too far off.

After both auditions, I was relieved.

Incredible Tales – DONE

Two back-to-back challenging auditions – DONE

Dieting – DONE

I celebrated the end of stress week by playing WoW and eating McWings, cheesecake and bak kwa for dinner.

Halfway through playing WoW in the night, I got a call from the short film director to tell me that I wasn’t selected. He was very nice about it, saying that all of us acted very well, but he decided to go with a particular actress because she paired better with the male lead to give the film the flavour he wanted.

Which is reasonable. Purely on looks alone, I don’t think I’m very compatible with the male lead because he’s ang moh and I look too oriental.

But I was sad.

I felt a heart-sinking emptiness. Like, after five days of hard work, it’s over. I think it’s the kind of feeling someone would get after being dumped, only milder.

I felt a bit of relief because the role is honestly very hard and I’m not sure I can pull off the entire film. But the disappointment affected me more.

So, after that and today’s embarrassing TVC audition, I wanted to call it quits and run off to Australia to live with emus.

But that was the child in me. The adult in me knew that that’s impossible and I’d just plod on like I always do.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Today, the short film director requested a re-audition because a previously short-listed actor who had dropped out due to time constraints now doesn’t have the time constraints anymore. And the three actresses have been invited back to audition with this other actor because the director wants to find the best possible combination of couple for the film.

So, now, I have another chance. But I don’t think it’s going to make a difference. I think I have the wrong look for this film, anyway.

Yet, I have to try because it’s the right thing to do.

That means stress week isn’t over yet.

Four auditions scheduled for this week so far, including the one today. And I expect more to come.

I hate auditions.

Just give me the freaking job.


I am everywhere

I am being spotted everywhere (list here).

But I am still very unknown, so I can still go out in shoddy clothes and no makeup, which is something I quite enjoy.

As much as I want fame and fortune, I am scared of having to dress up just to go to the neighbourhood market.

Even non-good-looking celebrities have to look glam all the time, don’t they?

Another one of my commercials (Toyo correction tape) just went on air.

And I saw my EyeRelax video playing in an endless loop outside Guardian Pharmacy at Marina Square. I don’t think anybody watches it.

But please go and buy one because if the response is good, they’ll make it a TV commercial. It’s very expensive, though.

I saw my Carlsberg commercial in the cinema two nights ago and, boy, do I look like a tart.

Okay, I shall stop criticising myself now.

On a totally separate note, Chinese New Year is a beauty hazard. I ate too many Japanese peanuts and now I have a pimple on my nose. I haven’t even started on the bak kwa yet.

This is really sad. Peanuts are evil!

I’m going to bed to sleep the pimple away.

Cast in the auntie mould

I am the TV commercial queen this month.

Okay, so mine aren’t big brand award winning commercials, but we all have to start somewhere.

It seems, though, that I am doomed to be typecast as a pregnant woman, young mother or teacher — I’ve done so many of those in the past year.

I don’t get it. Directors and producers keep complaining that I look too young, but they continue to cast me in older roles, and then go on to complain that I look too young.

Why aren’t I cast in younger roles more, then?

Not that I’m upset. A role is a role and I’m happy as hell. Like I was telling Vamp the other day, it’s okay if I get typecast as an auntie as long as I get many good jobs. There are popular aunties in Singapore wat.

Yesterday, I filmed my third commercial this month. I’m on a commercial roll!

I hope the roll rolls on into 2006.

So, yesterday, I was teacher to a bunch of pre-teens for this product called Toyo Klic Correction Pen.

According to the storyboard, I was supposed to be this stern-looking teacher with short hair and specs (a bit like my “I Not Stupid Too” look) but I don’t know why they changed their minds and made me look like this, instead:

Not much different from my regular self.

The kids complained to the producer that I don’t look like a teacher. I look more like their elder sister.

But I don’t think they really minded.

I think I have a look that says to kids: “Please climb all over my head.” Because they always do just that.

Yesterday’s bunch was no different. They just wouldn’t quit making fun of me.

“Teacher! Your handwriting very “nice” hor?!”

“Teacher! How come you don’t know how to write the maths formula?!”

“Teacher! Why you don’t look like teacher one?!”

One of the girls kept calling me a barbie doll.

But, you know, I think they love me because I play along with them and I don’t scold them. And I can make them laugh without even doing a thing.

I can be standing still and soundless in front of them, but with my back towards them so I’m facing the whiteboard, and they can still find it funny.

Kids are really weird people. Honestly, I don’t remember ever being that weird. But I do remember making fun of my teachers. Poor teachers. Thou art noble!

Yes. It was very bright yesterday. Fake sunlight.

Heatless, fake sunlight, which didn’t help much when we were freezing our butts off from the morgue-temperature central airconditioning.

By the way, we filmed that at NAFA Campus 3 and my car park ticket was almost $17.

Major ouch. I should have taken the MRT.