Tuzki and his MOTO Q


Once upon a time, there was a bunny named Tuzki.

Tuzki was created by Wang Momo, a Chinese animation student at the Beijing Broadcasting Institute.

Momo at first used Tuzki to tells stories of her life on her blog. But because Tuzki was such a precocious little bunny, he couldn’t stay on that little blog for long. One day, he just wandered out and grabbed the world by storm! Tuzki instantly became an Internet darling, appearing everywhere, in MSN conversations, in forums, in blogs.

As if that weren’t enough…

Tuzki is also a bunny prodigy! He created a wondrous technological gadget that allowed him to perform all his favourite Internet activities while he’s out and about, for instance, climb Mount Everest (one of his hobbies).

What an adventurous geek bunny!

Tuzki named his new creation the MOTO Q. With it, he can chat on MSN, surf the net, blog, email, edit documents, make powerpoint presentations, take photographs, listen to music, watch videos and even make phone calls!

Tuzki must be a rich little bunny now because he’s got Motorola endorsing his new masterpiece of modern multitasking. That’s why it’s called the MOTO Q, but Tuzki likes to call it Q for short because he’s a cute little bunny!

With pre-installed Windows Mobile 6.0, Messenger, Media Player, IE and Opera browsers, and HSDPA wireless connectivity technology, the Q acts just like a PC so Tuzki isn’t afraid to wander around all day and climb all kinds of mountains and cross any number of crocodile-infested rivers because he can MOTO Q anytime, anywhere!! (As long as he remembers to charge his batteries.)

The Q’s full QWERTY keyboard is one of Tuzki’s favourite features because it makes blogging so easy. And Tuzki just loves to blog.

But he’s not telling us his blog URL. He’s afraid his bandwidth would bust because he already has too many fans around the world.

Poor Tuzki. Being a famous geek inventor hip bunny isn’t easy!

Make no mistake. Tuzki may be a geek genius, but he is as hip as hip can get. He loves grooving to the latest MP3s and chatting on MSN while climbing his favourite mountain.

Really. What an amazing bunny!

Don’t you just love Tuzki?

Don’t you just love the Q?

OMG, never mind Tuzki. I need the Q!