Regression of the gamer chick

I feel somewhat guilty.

Maybe guilty is not the right word. Sheepish, perhaps.

You see, just two weeks ago, I bought a new computer just so I could play an MMORPG again. I had cancelled my EQ2 account five months ago and been feeling like something’s missing from my life.

So, I got my new comp and I re-activated my WoW account.

I played like crazy for a week and then I stopped playing.


Because I’ve been stuck to my DS Lite since last week, playing an old school RPG.

It’s so old school you won’t believe it. It’s one of those games in which you create a party of five or six adventurers and you bring them out to bash monsters and find treasure. The movement is grid-based and the combat is turn-based. At the start of each turn, you specify what you want each of your characters to do to which monster.

OMFGGG. The joy!

Old school RPGs were the staple of my misspent childhood, so it’s quite nostalgic.

Well, to be fair, I kinda stopped playing WoW after a week because I suddenly got busy with filming since last week. But that also means I have lots of time to play with my DS Lite (while waiting around on the set).

Ironically, I started playing an RPG on my DS Lite because I was suffering from WoW withdrawal during shoots.

But, in the end, the DS Lite RPG displaced WoW!

When I get home at night after a long day of filming, I should spend a few hours playing WoW before going to bed. But I find myself still stuck to my DS Lite. WoW is all but forgotten.

I can’t believe it.

I am sacrificing this:

To play this:

The game is called Etrian Odyssey and, in view of my recent Bleach craze, I’ve named my characters after Bleach characters and my guild is called Bankai.

Haha. Corny.

I have Ichigo (fighter), Rukia (mage), Inoue (healer), Ishida (archer) and Yuruichi (dark hunter). The classes are not named exactly like that, but they’re the same archetypes. For example, the fighter is known as a landsknecht. I can’t even pronounce it. See, if I’d said landsknecht instead of fighter from the start, you’d go huh like I did when I first played the game.

The other classes are in English, though, so it’s not that crazy.

Speaking of Bleach, someone really should make a Bleach RPG or MMORPG. There’s Bleach on the Wii, but it’s one of those silly fighting games I don’t like.

Anyway, I digress. Although I must say Bleach is always a great subject to talk about so who cares about digression?

But I digress.

I feel kinda stupid spending all my free time playing an obviously inferior game when I’m already paying $23 a month for WoW (on top of having spent over a grand on a new computer).

I think people might laugh at me and call me retro or something worse.

But the game is damn fun lah (in an old school way). I used to make my own maps using those primary school exercise books with squares in them. Etrian Odyssey has an in-built map-making facility so you can use the stylus to draw maps right on the screen as you explore the forests!

Help! I’ve regressed!

You think maybe I ought to have my head checked?