Who the hell wears toe socks?

First of all, why in the world would anyone buy and wear toe socks?

I was at a shoot last Friday. The wardrobe people gave me a pair of toe socks to wear with the canvas shoes they issued me (because I didn’t have my own socks).

Well, they were very sweet to give me brand new socks and all, but toe socks look damn hideous can?


It was my first time wearing toe socks, so maybe there’s a trick I’m not aware of, but both the socks were left-footed ones!! That’s why my right foot looks weird, big toe squeezed into little toe pocket and little toe dangling in big toe pocket.

No, I couldn’t flip it the other way because the bottom has that bulging segment for the heel. It’s like gloves, isn’t it? Each side is made for each hand/foot, and I had what looked like two left sides. They were still sealed when I got them.

But never mind the glitch. Even if I hadn’t gotten two left socks, I would still be of the fervent opinion that toe socks should be banned.

Let me list the reasons:

  1. They’re downright ugly.
  2. They’re unbearably uncomfortable. (Like got stuff stuck between your toes.)
  3. They make your feet bigger with all that extra material.
  4. They take too damn long to put on.
  5. They’re harder to flip over after washing cos you have to turn out each toe individually.
  6. They’re just plain stupid.
  7. Nobody wants to see your little toes nicely wrapped up in individual toe pockets!!

To make sure that I’m not weird, I asked a few people on my MSN this question: “What do you think of toe socks?”

And here are the responses:

“Yucks. Looks weird.” – Nanny Wen

“Stupid. Hahahahaha.” – The Goonfather

“Cute…. Seriously ugly but adorable.” – Anonymous

“Hygienic but uncomfortable if the toe size isn’t right.” – Chong

SEE?? No one likes them.

Even people who pretend to like them won’t wear them, as shown in this following conversation:

Qiaoyun says:
    What do you think of toe socks?
Swordplay says:
    cute lor
Qiaoyun says:
    it’s not cute. it’s ugly
Swordplay says:
    ok what
Swordplay says:
    but ppl wear it not to show off
Swordplay says:
    they wear it for protection one
Qiaoyun says:
    so you would wear them?
Swordplay says:
Qiaoyun says:
    why not?
Swordplay says:
    coz it is not me

See, nobody I know likes them or wears them. So why are toe socks still around? Every time I see them, the little hairs on my back stand. They’re so weird they’re beyond weird.

After my shoot, I threw the socks away. I kinda feel bad about it but what else could I have done? Given them away? Kept them as souvenirs? They weren’t even matching sides lor.

I hope I don’t ever have to wear them again.

I hope you don’t, too.

P.S. Apologies for the lack of updates over the weekend. I’ve been outrageously busy! But stay tuned because I’m back on schedule again!