Unboxing a toaster because I didn’t get an iPad 2

March 25, 2011, England

iPad 2 launch day.

At about 5:20 pm, Piers and I walked through the Bournemouth Town Centre to buy a toaster because his old one had wheat bugs in it and he had thrown it out.

I had considered buying an iPad 2 on launch day but at the same time didn’t want to queue for hours (or days) just to get something I can get later without queueing.

We passed by the local Apple retailer and there was a longish queue. Not that bad.


iPad 2 queue


But not short enough.

We went and bought the toaster, then went to the supermarket to get groceries.

An hour later, we walked back past the Apple store again and the queue had shortened to about 10 people. Fewer, I think.

I was like, “OMG I can get an iPad 2 NOW.”

But Piers had been trying to dissuade me from buying one for days.


“You already have an iPad! You don’t need another one!”

“Yes I do!”

“It’s so expensive! Don’t waste your money!”

“But I need one!”


“Cos the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter and has a camera!”

“So what!”

“So I need one!”


Something like that.

Anyway, I didn’t jump in the queue because I was holding grocery bags and Piers was holding grocery bags in one hand and a hugeass toaster under another arm.

We went back to the store later but it was already closed.

So we went back to the apartment again and Piers said, “Don’t be sad. Look, you have a new toaster! You can blog about getting a new toaster! Everyone’s gonna be so jealous!”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, “That’s very exciting.”

It’s so exciting I’m gonna do an unboxing.





















Okay that’s all for the unboxing.

Now a very short review.

This amazing Breville toaster can toast four half bagels all at once and the bagels all came out nice and toasted!

Wow, what an awesome toaster!




Okay, enough.

In the meantime, how?

Should I buy an iPad 2 in England, or wait till Singapore gets it? Or get someone to buy one from the USA?

Or should I even buy one at all?


I want one, nevertheless! =D