Daily Journal – August 29

Daily Journal - August 29



Super Piers

We had a surprise visitor at our front door this morning. Another baby toad! (Ref: Aug 14) Piers spotted it standing on the threshold when he opened the door.

Spotting creatures is one of Piers’ superpowers. He sees them however small or camouflaged they are. This toad was a 5p-coin of a little black blob against a black threshold strip. If I had even looked down on the floor I would have seen a tiny clod of dirt and possibly even stepped on it. I mean, no one but Piers could have seen it!

Piers is my superhero, seer and rescuer of innocent, straying creatures.


I’m grateful for the chance to take a morning stroll to the shop with Piers. It’s only a 700 step walk one way (lol, I measure time in steps these days) and I wish it were longer.


The wasp man came today (ref. Aug 19) and put something in the nest to chase all the wasps away!


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