What time do you want to watch TV?

The Goonfather and I are currently watching Legend of the Seeker, a TV adaptation of my favourite fantasy novel series, The Sword of Truth.

Legend of the Seeker

We watched the pilot episode last night and are planning to continue tonight. We usually enjoy some TV time together late. After we’re both done with our own stuff.

Just five minutes ago, at 8:30 pm, the Goonfather said, “What time do you want to watch TV?”

I asked him back, “What time do you want to watch?”

He said, “I want to watch when you want to watch.”

I said, “Okay, let’s watch now.”

There was silence for three seconds.

And then he said, “Hey…. but I’m not free now.”

Legend of the Seeker

I’m a little disappointed with LotS. It is very loosely based on TSoT. Many plot elements have been changed and the rich characterisation is missing. I don’t feel for Richard and Kahlan at all.

And the compact retelling makes the story even more cheesy than it started out being in the novel. (I found Wizard’s First Rule a little cheesy but I was hooked by the lovable characters. The subsequent novels got a lot better.)

Bruce Spence as Zed is too young and Bridget Regan as Kahlan is not pretty enough.

But Craig Horner as Richard is hot.

And Craig Parker as Darken Rahl is major droolfest.

Having a gorgeous villain makes it a lot easier to watch a show.