A word of thanks after the flame war

After a few amusing days of heated discussion over my post: “Ladies, stop getting seduced by pickup artists“, the dust has finally settled.

It’s peace and happy harmony once more in Sheylaraville!

Not that I want to stir any more shit by writing a followup post, but there are individuals that I need to thank.

Firstly, for leaving a comment in the post and supporting my blog, I want to thank:

Miss Loi, xinyun, arzhou, a_x, Shu Yen, dead_cockroach, Ethan, Sham, JayWalk, shardz, Jason Geek, aig, sylv, Pingping, yongwei, Jesta, Alex, K, Fish, kucing robot jantan

For pretending to be partial but actually disguising insults in subtext, thank you, Raken. (lol)

For exercising your sense of justice and telling the hermaphrodite karen off, but in the process getting yourself flamed by him/her, my utmost thanks to:

Daryl Tay, Jacelyn, The Goonfather, modchip, starm|st, clauds, Anlooo, Candice, Mince Pye, aiyahwhatever, Ruok

And to the beautiful few who liberally sprinkled glowing testimonials of me and the Goonfather in your arguments, thank you deeply. You’re the best! I’m touched by your show of friendship!

Rachel, Wang Wang, Minou, Chong

Finally, to the three very special cousins in my life, with whom I grew up, played and bickered endlessly. Thank you for jumping to my defence. I didn’t even know you read my blog (except Monster)! You’ll always be my bestest and dearest cousins!

Monster, HaLLoweeN, Joanne

Oh, wait, there is actually one more person I need to thank.

Thank you, karen, for providing me and my readers with two days of amusement. The selfless way you threw yourself into the line of fire is very admirable.

Alrighty, now, if you’re wondering, the answer is no. I’m not upset at all by the words uttered by karen the hermaphrodite.

I feel sorry for people who get off on indiscrimately insulting everyone that crosses their paths. They are bitter, lonely individuals who need our sympathy and help and love. There’s absolutely no need to get upset with them.

Nevertheless, I feel comforted and loved by all you people who rose to my defence. That is the silver lining in this absurd mess, and my life is all the better for it! Thank you again. Love you all.