Stealing someone else’s photos

I had lunch with Nanny Wen today. As we were about to take cabs back to our respective destinations (she to office and me home), she asked me to go back to the office with her to hang out.

She said she’d lend me her laptop to play EQ2!!

Then the cab arrived and I didn’t have time to decide, so I just hopped into the cab with her. LOL.

I love how I can do impromptu things like that cos my schedule is so flexible, and my work can be done anywhere. (I could technically blog on my phone, but it would be quite painful.)

The problem is, all my photos are at home so I have no photos to blog with. And I don’t feel like taking any photos today cos I’m looking blah, so I’m stealing Nanny Wen’s photos!!

I found her recent Bangkok trip photos.

She has super a lot of camwhore shots and people shots, not much touristy destination shots. But I found this interesting one of a cab full of money!

Can you spot our Yusof Ishak? Heh.

Next photo:

See, I told you she likes to take photos of people walking around, as if she were a journalistic or event photographer.

Or maybe she’s going for fashion photographer.

Who knows this girl. She’s full of mad ideas.

Like, what was she thinking when she was taking this following photo?

“Ooh… what a nice pink shirt!”

Actually, what a nice pink shirt!!

It’s something I would wear, so why is it on this bloke who seems to be riding a bicycle (or something) that is crowded with strange-looking thingamajigs??

Oh, look, I found a group photo!

This is so weird right, blogging about someone else’s trip!

And you are experiencing a trip vicariously through a person experiencing it vicariously! It’s very awesome, is it not? You’re feeling very entertained and inspired, are you not?!


Right after I typed that, Nanny Wen peered over at my screen, saw her photos, and said, “Why are YOU blogging about MY trip???!”


I told her I know she always likes to take weird photos so I know I’ll be able to find something to blog about if I look through her folders.

Like this:

Does this make you thirsty?

Or does it make you feel bloated?

Here’s a normal photo; I like the yellow-lit structure. Looks like a nice place to do a fashion shoot.

Okay, but this is very weird, because I don’t even know this guy whose photos are now plastered all over this post.


Well, I’m sure they enjoyed the trip and Bangkok is a nice place to visit. Good for them.

Now I’m going to play EQ2! Bye!