Win 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009

Yes! This is a revolutionary product that everyone needs, and FIVE happy people will win a Norton Internet Security 2009 software, which comes with a one-year subscription. Get protected against the latest viruses and security threats!

Read about the features here if you haven’t already. The product is currently in beta, but it will be released any time soon. If you want a copy when it’s out, join this contest now!


  1. 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009
  2. 5 Norton luggage tags

NIS 2008 for illustration only. Actual prize is different:
Norton Internet Security 2008

Norton luggage tag:
Norton Internet Security 2008

Let’s do something fun instead of a lucky draw this time. Read the instructions carefully! :)

How to win

Perform a few easy tasks to earn points! Top five point-earners will win the NIS 2009. The next five will win a luggage tag! Easy, right?

How to earn points

  1. Tell us about an encounter you had with a computer virus or hacker or security threat. Post it in the comments. Points will be awarded based on how interesting your story is. [Up to 20 points]
  2. Blog about this contest and link to this post. Then inform me by posting a comment here. [5 points]
  3. Answer four questions on Internet security. The questions will be released within my daily blogs, so keep an eye on my blog from tomorrow onwards to spot the questions! Once you have all four answers, e-mail them to me. [5 points per correct answer].


  1. Last day to complete tasks is Sep 15, 2008.
  2. In the case of a tie, a randomiser will act as a tie-breaker.
  3. When sending me e-mails, please tell me the name you use to comment here if you want your points credited correctly.
  4. You do not have to perform all tasks to qualify for the contest, but you want as many points as possible to win!

Thanks to Symantec and for sponsoring this contest.

Alright, now. Let the contest begin!