How the Goonfather foiled a telemarketer for a makeover studio

Telemarketer: Hello, I’m calling from XYZ photo studio.

The Goonfather: Yes?

Telemarketer: I’m very happy to announce that you’ve been specially selected to come for a photoshoot. We will give you two photos, valued at $480, to take home.

The Goonfather: Are you paying me?

Telemarketer: No, sir, we’re giving you the photos free. You don’t have to pay for them.

The Goonfather: I know, but are you paying me?

Telemarketer: Sir, the company will be paying.

The Goonfather: The company is paying me?

Telemarketer: Yes, the company is paying $480.

The Goonfather: So, the company is paying me $480 for the photoshoot?

Telemarketer: No, the company is paying for the photos and the makeover, valued at $480.

The Goonfather: Then how much is the company paying me?

Telemarketer: No, the company won’t be paying you.

The Goonfather: But I’m a celebrity. I get paid for photoshoots.

Telemarketer: But we only pay for models.

The Goonfather: Yah, I’m a model.

Telemarketer: But we will not be using your photos. We’ll be giving you the photos.

The Goonfather: Oh, I see. But people usually pay me to take my photo. So how much are you paying me?

Telemarketer: Oh, sorry we’re not interested. Thank you.