Goodbye 2006 forever! 2007… yeurghh.

I didn’t think I could get through December. I told the Goonfather that my temp job is worse than most people’s jobs because I can’t surf the net or MSN at work, so I have nothing to look forward to and everything to dread every single day.

It makes waking up at crazy hours in the morning all the more difficult.

But I did get through the month. Of course I did. Everyone gets through the most terrible times, even if they get all dramatic about it and swear that they can’t.

I shall continue to persevere for the sake of my costly singing lessons. By the end of February, I should have earned enough to pay for 26 hours of singing lessons. With nothing left for shopping or vacations or even paying bills. Yahoo.

Anyway, I said I would quit acting for the three months (partly also to take a break from an industry that disappoints me over and over again), but I can’t seem to resist going for selected auditions.

Amazingly, I managed to land myself a role in this short film. With a website looking like that, I just had to do the audition.

So January looks a bit more appealing to me now. I am really excited about the film and the role. Filming will take seven days. Rehearsals, costume fittings and photoshoots will take up more days. I also have to put in time to practise ballet dancing and being pregnant.

Although I can’t surf the net and MSN at my office job, it’s a great job because my employer allows me to take time off work for my acting commitments. So I guess it’s really a good thing that I have this opportunity to earn extra income during the days I’m not being an actress.

Well, life is good if we don’t ask for too much. But I still feel damn pathetic.

I hope you had a better 2006 than I did and I hope you have an even better 2007.

Have a great long weekend!