Through the taxi glass — a photo journey

Sometimes, when you need a taxi, it’s never there.

Sometimes there are taxis, but they’re not for hire.

Hail! A taxi!

It’s heading right for me!

Welcome, says it.

Sorry I’m a little dirty. I didn’t have time to get vacuumed.

A talking mat!

Cool! Even if it’s dirty.

I settle back, enjoy the ride, look out the window.

Singapore is clean and green. Everywhere. Even in the neglected wild.

But why is there an old man walking all alone on an empty stretch of pavement?

Does he have a family? Does he have a hobby? Does he have a smiling grandchild to welcome him when he gets home?

I wonder where he’s going.

Why is there a bag of trash sitting in the middle of nowhere?

Is it waiting to be picked up or was it left behind by mistake?

Hark! It rains!

I’m glad I’m sheltered.

But now my vision is foggy.

It affects the way I think about what I see.

What if I had to go through life with rain-spotted vision?

Why are there only trees and trees and more trees?

Once I thought I could be a hermit and live in the mountains. But I think I’d die of boredom if I had to see nothing but trees every day.

Hello! We have a neighbour!

Did the little boy
whose favourite toy was a little red truck
grow up to drive a big red truck?

Are his parents proud of him?

Does he have a loving wife?

I hope yes and yes.

I like when people are happy.

Time to slow down. “Camera Zone” ahead.

Musn’t go past the speed limit. Take it down to 80 just to play safe.

Heck, make it 70.

Who cares if traffic piles up behind.


When the traffic light turns green, don’t move off immediately.

Finish shaving your beard, pick lint off your pants, day dream a bit.

You never know. Maybe a stray dog (or even a human) will dash across the road this very moment and your daydreaming will spare a life.

Who cares if traffic piles up behind.


I wish it’d stop raining.

And I could get to where I want to be.