My kingdom for some tang yuan!

I have a sudden mad craving for tang yuan because my friend retardedly_cute is talking about them in Star Blog chat right now.

It’s supposedly the Winter Solstice Festival today, the day people supposedly eat tang yuan. But I can never remember such things.

I remember helping my aunts make the cute little pink and white balls when I was little, although I never cared to remember when they were eaten nor why.


Tang yuan
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I can’t remember when was the last time I ate these, even. The tang yuan we eat nowadays are always those big white ones with peanut or sesame paste in them, which I love, but I miss the old fashioned plain ones.

So, now, I’m hungry. I haven’t had dinner!

It’s about 10 pm. I had lunch around 4 pm maybe. Time for dinner, by which I mean I’m going to blog about food now.

I recently discovered some really good prawn noodles ironically at a Japanese ramen restaurant.

RamenPlay has decent ramen, not the best. I think only the prawn ramen stands out as being worthy of repeated visits. It tastes like really good Chinese prawn noodles! The soup is very potent! In a prawny way.


Prawn ramen


RamenPlay is at 313 Somerset, Resorts World Sentosa, Junction 8 and NEX. Okay, I’ve only eaten the prawn ramen twice so far, but I’m going back for more!

Next on my list is pomelo salad from Orange Lantern, a Vietnamese restaurant.

It is super good.


Pomelo salad


Very generous servings of sweet pomelo, tossed with thin lettuce leaves, peanut bits, carrots and and crunchy savoury brown stuff that I can’t identify, and drenched in sweetly-sour Vietnamese salad dressing.

Ah, heaven.

I usually have it with Vietnamese vermicelli and fried spring rolls, my favourite Vietnamese dish. There are better ones at other Vietnamese restaurants, but this one is good enough.


Vietnamese vermicelli


I love the sauce! You’re supposed to pour it over the vermicelli.


Vietnamese vermicelli


Orange Lantern is at Killiney Road and Harbourfront Centre.

Okay, last item to whet my appetite.

Curry puffs from Prima Taste (at Ho Chi Minh International Airport).


Curry puff


Curry puff


It was quite decent curry puff, and a good taste of Singapore in a foreign airport.


OH WOW guess what.

I was gonna type something along the lines of: “My kingdom for some tang yuan / prawn noodles / curry puff / pomelo salad!” when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

I left my PC and got up to open the door and there was my stepmom standing there bearing a bowl of tang yuan!

Like she can read my mind SO AMAZING. Aww family is so wonderful!


Tang yuan


Thanks, dad and stepmom for the sweetest bowl of tang yuan ever!

Happy Winter Solstice!