Batam Trip: Lazy adults become children

It was early in the morning. Everyone was shuffling about the house like zombies, trying to wake up and wash up so we could all make it in time for our complimentary hotel breakfast.

I was messing about absent-mindedly when one of the girls suddenly burst into my room and said, “QY! QY! Come and see the bag carrier!!”

I stared at her with a sleepy narrow eye and yawned at her. “What the hell is a bag carrier?”

“Unker Kell! WAHAHAHAHAHA! Come and see!”

So I lumbered into the other room and this was what I saw.

We spent a good minute laughing at the sight of a sleeping Kell being used by Elyxia as a toiletries bag holder while she prepared herself.

With eight people sharing two bathrooms and all half-dead from lack of sleep, it was a miracle we managed to not miss breakfast. We made it there at 8:30 am, one hour before closing. Breakfast was at the huge kelong restaurant, overlooking the sea.

The food was quite limited and tasteless but we had a great view and great company so that kinda made up for it.

After breakfast, while walking back to our villa, not really knowing what we were going to do next, we sauntered past the playground and turned into children.

The seesaw was the favourite attraction that day. But I never liked the seesaw (nor the swing) even as a kid. I just don’t like my body being forcefully propelled in any direction but natural forward.

But it’s okay if I’m just fooling around and not using them as intended.

Guess who was supporting all of us…

And what happened when he got up.

Then, Elyxia discovered that the seesaw could be used for wakeboarding practice.

For some time, the guys stood around her, giving her pointers and encouragement. And then, suddenly, they realised that I was hiding in a little house taking photos of them. Lolololol.

My hiding spot:

Anyway, everyone was too lazy to go out and just wanted to hang around and do nothing, so we spent the whole day at the resort.

One of the attractions in KTM Resort is the giant kwan yin.

It’s really huge. Can you see me and Minou at the foot of the sculpture?

A little background about it:

By the way, we could see Singapore from our villa. We could even see the Singapore Flyer clearly, but it’s too small to see in this photo.

We spent the rest of the day at the jacuzzi pool. Except me. Because of a multitude of reasons. So while the others were having a raucous time in the pool, I was hiding in a pavillion beside the pool, blogging.

It’s a sea salt water jaccuzi pool which drops off into a lagoon. There are rocks one can sit on at the edge. From my angle, it looked almost like they were sitting on water.

I mentioned before that the pool was dirty, but with the debris fished out and jacuzzi turned on, it looked decently inviting.

According to my friends, the jacuzzi is VERY strong.

When we met for dinner that night back in Singapore, one of them punched Morte, who didn’t go to Batam wih us, forcefully in the arm and said, “That’s how strong the jet is.”

And the entire pool was surrounded by jacuzzi jets.

My delinquent friends even made a game of it. Somehow, they managed to acquire a swimming float and they would assign one “monkey” to sit on it. The rest would hang on to the float around the “monkey” and then they would let the jacuzzi jets drive them around the pool.

The idea was to capsize the monkey while not being pushed off the float by the strong jets. The last survivor would become the “monkey” next.

Or something like that. I’m sure I got it wrong somewhere but I’m confused because the Goonfather and Minou told me different versions of the game. lol.

Anyhow, they spent like two hours playing this game, making a lot of noise and attracting a lot of attention in the process.

That was our second day in Batam, spending the whole day in the playground and the pool, playing kiddy games.

We had ice cream, too! Paddle Pop pirate ice cream!

I’ve been trying to find it in Singapore but I can’t. =(

So you know what that means? I need to go back to Batam again, soon. I might even try out the jacuzzi pool next time.