Paul breaks lvl 30 buffalo wings record!!

Yes, that’s him in the video. He is Paul Ong, aka Don Juan de Porko, aka Man of Steel Stomach and Palate.

Okay, start loading up this video before you read on because it will take a while.

I purposely wrote a long long post and included a lot of rubbish photos so you can be somewhat entertained while waiting for the video to finish loading.


Remember how my friends and I almost died eating level 10 spicy buffalo wings?

[Sheylara thinks it's time she got a new haircut]

Paul wasn’t with us that night, so we missed the chance of getting upstaged by him.

Paul is our club’s resident daredevil.

[He smiled bravely]
Paul and Cindy

That night, Erwin had laid this challenge out to the table, “If any of you can finish a whole plate of level 30 (six wings), I’ll buy you dinner every time we go out for the rest of your life.”

Nobody took up the dare. None of us could even finish eating a single level 10 wing, let alone six level 30s.

We all agreed that Paul was the only one among us who would do it. Some in our group doubted that he could actually complete the task, but we were all convinced that he would die trying. Yes, he’s that kind of guy.

When we related this to him, he, who once ate an entire bowl of wet chilli padi, scoffed at us. “Huh! How spicy can it be? I’ll eat three plates for you!!”

Yes, such is his bravado.

So, we planned our second trip to Sunset Grill & Pub. We made sure Paul was free that night. We made sure we had still cameras and video cameras fully-charged and ready. We made sure Paul had bought life insurance.

We also arranged a birthday celebration.

The first time at Sunset Grill, we were supposed to celebrate Joey’s birthday but we didn’t manage to do the song-singing-cake-cutting routine because, remember, we were all dying from the level 10 wings.

Here’s an archived photo of Joey (and me):

[Old photo]

Well, this time, we had another birthday to celebrate.


[She also smiled bravely, despite hating cake]

Minou is 10 years old!

In fact, all of us in the group are 10 years old, if you go by the candleage on our birthday cakes.

I’m turning 10 on July 23 this year. Remember that!

By the way, I wonder if anyone else feels vaguely embarrassed about having a whole restaurant gawk at you while your friends make the admirable (but unsuccessful) attempt to sing the birthday song to you in key.

[It suddenly got really bright]

The cake is really good. It’s a strawberry cheesecake from Bakerzin. I hate the top strawberry layer because it tastes like cough syrup, but the cheesecake beneath it is sooooo amazing.

I gave all the strawberry gunk to the Goonfather because he loves cough syrup. (I swear. He’s ecstatic whenever he gets a cough and has to go to the doctor.)

But the cheesecake is so good~! Even this photo of the cake all messed up after slicing is giving me a monstrous craving.

[What a mess, says the cake]

I ate so much that night!!! I had:

  • 2 level 2 buffalo wings
  • 1 level 5 buffalo wing
  • 1 level 30 buffalo wing tip
  • 1 mini burger
  • 2 slices of cheesecake
  • 3 deep fried button mushrooms
  • Half a lamp chop
  • Test bites of rib-eye steak, lasagne and waldorf salad

I have no food photos because my photographer broke his right hand a few days before this dinner and I thought it would be wicked of me to make him work.

But I have one overexposed photo of the level 30 buffalo wings:

[I am the wings of death. Ph3ar me!]

And a photo of the Goonfather smelling it.

[The wings of death spoke to him]

It smells damn horrible lah. You don’t want to eat it unless you’re Paul Ong, or his evil twin brother.

In case you’re interested to know, the buffalo wings start tasting horrible from level 5 onwards.

Really. I’ve said this once and I will say it again. For normal eating, stick to level 3 and below. (I haven’t tried level 4 so I can’t tell for sure.)

For showing off to easily-impressed friends, level 5 will do.

For showing off to skeptical friends, the minimum is level 10.

For showing off to (and possibly meeting) your maker, level 30.

I was able to manage the level 5, so all you easily-impressed peeps, please be very impressed.

Otherwise, go watch the video above.

Kell could also polish off the level 5 with not much of a problem, but he turned red. ROFLMAO.

[Who's your daddy? said the Man in Red]

Okay, the truth is, Kell turns red at everything. Alcohol, seafood, pretty girls.

(That last one is not entirely truthful. I just thought it would be fun to make him get into trouble with his fiance, although he doesn’t really need help in that department because one of his favourite hobbies is to Find Die (literal translation from the Chinese 找死), which just means that he enjoys dicing with the devil.)

It’s fun to make fun of my friends. Perhaps I should do that more often!

[This photo was taken by timer]
My friends

Right now, though, I have to go back to talking about buffalo wings.

The last record held at Sunset Grill was three people to one plate (two wings each).

Paul freaking ate the whole damn plate all by himself, effectively breaking the record twice over.

I don’t know if there’ll be anyone crazy enough to try and beat his record.

It’s truly an expensive torture. Each level 30 plate costs $33 (or thereabouts). That means each wing costs about $5.50. That’s an insane price for chicken wings, even for the big, chunky variety served at Sunset Grill. (The price goes up by 50 cents for every level.)

[Centre of attention - level 30 buffalo wings]
This plate of chicken wings never thought it would become a celebrity

We had all thought that the wings would be on the house if we could match the three-to-a-plate record. But we learnt that that was either an expired offer or an urban myth.

Apart from bragging rights, the only things you’d get for your trouble are a stupid paper certificate and two days’ worth of diarrhea.

Maybe that’s why nobody has broken the record till now. All the same, I DOUBT ANYONE CAN EVEN COME CLOSE TO MATCHING PAUL’S RECORD.

[Paul couldn't wait to sink his teeth into the fire]

If you want to prove me wrong, let me know. I’ll be down with my video camera.

I’m currently addicted to the buffalo wings (level 3). I’m going there again tonight!!! Whee!

You can find directions to the place in my previous post.

Now, go watch the video and turn your audio up so you can hear all the corny lame conversations among the guys through the night.

Do you dare take the buffalo wings challenge?

My friends and I did a really crazy thing last Saturday. We went to Sunset Grill & Pub and ordered the level 10 buffalo wings.

If you’ve never heard of the famous spicy buffalo wings at Sunset Grill, you really need to do some soul searching!!

Okay, I’m kidding. I’ve actually never heard of it myself until a few months back. But it’s apparently quite famous even though it’s situated in the most ulu part of Singapore.

If you’ve tried it yourself, then you understand the magnitude of our daredevilry that night!

Sunset Grill is famous for its buffalo wings. And it’s actually very tasty. Sour, tangy, spicy, very appetite-inducing. It comes in different levels of spiciness, going up to such high levels that you’d have to be crazy to try to beat the record (level 30).

[10 levels of hellishly spicy wings]

According to our waitress, if you can finish a plate of level 30, they will put your photo on their wall of fame and pay for your wings. (You can recruit up to two other people to help you finish all six wings.)

We played safe at first and tried the level 1.

The level 1 is very yummy and just nice in spiciness.

Then we tried the level 3.

I decided that level 3 was as high as I ever wanted to go.

But the guys started daring each other.

“If you can finish a whole plate of level 10, I’ll pay for everyone’s dinner tonight.”

“If you can finish a whole plate of level 30, I’ll buy you Rock Band.”

“If YOU can finish a whole plate of level 30, I’ll buy you dinner every time we go out for the rest of your life.

After two hours of wimping out, we finally decided to share a level 10 plate.



I swear to you, it’s 10 times worse than it looks.

Here’s a photo of it taken without flash.


Looks so deceptively friendly and delicious, doesn’t it??!!

Wang Wang was unanimously voted to be the first guinea pig.

I decided to take a picture with her first… for remembrance.

[Unsuspecting Wang Wang prepares to take a bite]

She takes a bite…

[Taking the first bite]


[Oooh... the bite!]

It’s so horrible that she drops her cutlery!



[On fire!]

I was up next. I volunteered, cos I’m crazy.

First, a photo for remembrance.

[Sheylara doesn't know what's gonna hit her]

Cut a piece and sniff it cautiously.

[Sheylara sniffs at the chicken suspiciously

Oooh… nasty.

[Sheylara wonders if she's updated her will]


[Sheylara regrets pulling Little Jane's pigtails during Primary 1]


[Sheylara's best friend is iced lemon tea]

The torturous spiciness kicks in slowly.

After the first bite, you will feel a warmth spread over you. You might start perspiring mildly.

After the second bite, you will feel your eyes start to sting as tears threaten to embarrass you.

After the third bite, every pore you own will start raining liquid.


You take a drink or ten to put out the fire on your burning tongue.

Then you take a rest.


Your tongue feels like it’s being barbequed alive and ten thousand little men are pricking it with ten thousand little pins.

You keep drinking and drinking and drinking till you’re bursting but the pain keeps coming back. You feel like disowning your tongue! Chop it off!

After eating three bite-size pieces, it took me about 20 minutes to sufficiently recover and feel ready to take more bites.

And then I only ate the inside and tried to avoid the skin.

But even the inside was spicy!!

After a few more bites, I gave up altogether and left the chicken wing half uneaten.


And then the guys started daring each other again.

“Finish your wing and I’ll pay for your dinner.”

“Finish your wing and I’ll buy you a PSP.”

Hahaha. Crazy buggers. Nobody took up any dares. It’s that bad.

They started asking each other stupid hypothetical questions.

“Would you rather finish your wing or drink a cup of smelly longkang (drain) water?”

“Would you rather finish your wing or eat a 10-day-old dead rotten fish?”

“Would you rather finish your wing or [censored]?”

Most of the time, the other alternative won.

I think the level 10 chicken wing isn’t for eating. The spice is so strong that all you can taste is the bitterness of the spice, which makes the wing not tasty anymore. It’s more for the novelty of trying something crazy and watching your friends suffer horribly. That’s kinda fun.

I don’t regret trying it, even if I did suffer horribly and the lvl 10 wings cost $3.80 each.

For normal people, I’d recommend level 1.

For people who love spicy food, I’d recommend level 3.

For people who like spicy but not too spicy, I’d say go for level 2.

If you’re suicidal, go for level 30.

Our waiter told us that level 4 onwards is horrible.

And now you’ll want to know how to get there.

The address:

Sunset Grill and Pub
140B Piccadilly, Seletar Airbase

You probably won’t be able to find it, so I found a nice map for you. Check out this page. Uncle Takumi reviews the place as well as provides directions and a map!

How nice of him!