Planning a road trip; not staying in a haunted castle

Just a quick one today to say that I’m off on a six-day road trip around Wales, so I might not get to blog much (or any at all) while I’m away.

I’ve been going crazy the last week or so trying to get everything sorted out (routes, accommodations, shopping for supplies… and spring cleaning, so that we can come home to a clean apartment).


Travel supplies


Also, I’ve been looking for sunglasses because I’m not sure where my current pair is. I don’t feel motivated to look for it since I don’t really like it. (It’s probably sitting in a forgotten drawer somewhere.)

The problem is that it’s extremely, nearly impossibly difficult for me to find sunglasses that look nice on me because I think I have a stupidly-shaped face and all sunglasses make me look even more stupid. So I always feel like I have to hunt for better ones whenever I’m planning a holiday.

I nearly bought an £80 pair of Calvin Klein shades yesterday but luckily I didn’t.

Because, today, I found a much nicer pair in New Look for just £5. It was kind of serendipitous; I was just about to go get the Calvin Kleins when I impulsively decided to quickly pop into New Look to look for sun hats.

I didn’t find sun hats but I found this pair of sunglasses.




Which I bought without any consideration. Since it’s pink and it’s £5 (Actually £4.99.)

Not that it’s going to do very much good since the weather has been forecast as being quite gloomy and rainy for the next week or so, starting tomorrow. Perfect. You can always count on the English weather to be perfect for whatever you’ve planned to do.

Still, you can also always count on the Meteorological Office to be quite accurate, so there’s hope yet.


Despite the promise of perfect English weather, I’m really quite excited about this trip because this is the first time I’ve been arsed to actually plan a trip. (Read about how Piers and I never plan our trips, just leaving everything to fate.)

I don’t know what came over me this time. Maybe it’s some kind of delayed growing up thing. I’ve always lived and acted by impulse, so it’s a gamble to see if my impulses turn out to be sensible.

As it turned out, my impulse this time was to make a very detailed itinerary with the help of Google search (to look for attractions) and Google maps (to plot a route).




I’ve also made bookings for five different Bed and Breakfasts, chosen around the spots that we want to visit.

There’s a castle along our route where you can book a room to stay in. I was really excited, thinking I could sleep in a real castle. It costs only £85 or £95 a night for a minimum of two nights. (Our other B&Bs cost between £60 and £80.)

Then I went on TripAdvisor to look it up and found out that the castle has a reputation for being one of the most haunted houses in Wales. So, no thanks. I don’t like ghosts, whether they’re real or not.

In case you’re interested, it’s called Gwydir Castle and the website is here. And if you want to read about the ghosts, here’s the Google search page.


Gwydir Castle


I always do this, don’t I? I always say I’m going to do a quick blog and then I end up going on and on and on and on like a Duracell bunny.

So, I’m going to make myself stop now. Still more chores to do tonight, get dinner, watch The Apprentice UK, start packing, try and sleep early so we can have an early start tomorrow morning. And it’s already 9 pm now.

To my Singapore readers: I’m really sorry that you’re going through all that crazy haze at the moment. It sounds really awful with PSI readings going into hazardous levels. I read that, while the 3-hour index shows a highest recording of 321, people have drawn graphs and made calculations to show that, at the highest point, it went up to 453 at 9 pm on Wednesday. That is pretty scary.

I hope it gets better soon and all of you stay sane and healthy!