Going to the beach for love

Now that the summer sun has finally decided to show up in the UK, I have to knuckle down and do my girlfriendly duty once again.


Hmm hmm hmmm...


Yes, I have to go to the beach with Piers so he can indulge his sun-deprived body.

I don’t like sunshine, so being anywhere in direct exposure of sunlight is not my idea of nice. But Piers needs his sun, so we meet halfway. Instead of lying on the beach all day half naked and cultivating skin cancer, we just go for walks.


Not very nice beach


After about an hour of walking along the beachfront, we stopped at a quiet part of the beach where the sand is not so nice (we both prefer solitude to nice sand) for him to dip his feet in the icy cold water.

(Does anyone know why seawater is freezing cold even in hot summer?)


Bournemouth Beach


I took loads of photos of him before he realised it because we were quite far from each other and he probably thought I was taking photos of seagulls or something, lol.


Unsuspecting Piers


Bournemouth Beach


When he finally realised, he came charging back, confiscated my camera and sent me packing to the sea.


Knowing Sheylara


Knowing Sheylara


Unsuspecting seagull


It was quite nice, overall, although it was really very hot. I really don’t understand why people like to lie in the sun to be barbequed alive.

On the way home, I took some “miniature” shots. I’m totally amused by the miniature function on my camera but there weren’t many good subjects with clear shots at the beach so I didn’t get very good pictures.


Little car and wheelie bin


Little car and wheelie bin


Well, yesterday’s excursion at the beach was a kind of warm up, really. We’re going to Mallorca again in September, and going to a resort island does mean we have to lie in the beach all day etc. I’m preparing myself to be burnt to a crisp.