Online shopping spree

When your friends start launching shopping websites within a week of each other, you know some higher power must be encouraging you to go shopping.

How nice!

Now, if the same higher power would rain some money down on me, too.

I already introduced Xtralicious’ shop last week, but I’ll mention it again because her site now has a new look and a new shopping engine.

She’s enjoying great success even as we speak. Most of her stock sold out within the first few days, causing the poor girl to lose sleep as she went into an unexpected restocking frenzy.

Hot on her heels are “the ambiguously gay duo” (as termed by Cowboy Caleb) of The Cowboy Bar. Chuwen and Dzigna launched Style Damsel three days ago.

Looks pretty spiffy, does it not?

Go, go, support them!

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Random Picture of the Day

A screenshot of my appearance in TV sitcom Living With Lydia (2004). I played a bimbo beauty contestant opposite the late HK superstar Lydia Sum (not in picture).

The Chinese subtitles say, “If you’re a fruit, what fruit would you be?”

What a fruitcake question!