Breed a gamer today

Writing a magazine column (as opposed to writing blogs) is rather tough, mainly because you have a very specific word count to adhere to.

Also, because you can’t distract readers with photos after every two sentences, you actually have to write something of note in order to keep their attention.


And a few other things which I won’t elaborate on cos I’m not holding classes on writing columns.

The point is, I’m having a tough time coughing out one short column a month but, at the same time, it’s also a breath of fresh air being able to write a piece without having to worry about pictures.

Here’s my column for the May issue of Stuff, which is out in stores now!

(Well, at least, I think my column should be in there. I haven’t actually gotten a copy yet.)

Stuff Magazine, May 2010


The following was first published in Stuff Magazine, May 2010.

By Sheylara

I am going to suggest something revolutionary. I am going to suggest that, if you have kids, you allow them to play games. In fact, make them play games. Start them as young as possible.

It’s easy enough to keep the lads interested since they’re born with the ability to grow gaming controllers between their hands, with or without parental help. But girls might need some nurturing, so keep your home stocked with the latest releases to cultivate their love for gaming.

It’s very important for girls, especially, to love gaming. I’ll tell you why (or I risk my editor throwing this column back in my face).

You want your daughters to grow up as gamers because gamers are smart, fast-thinking and creative. Many important life skills are learnt in games, such as leadership, problem solving and cooking.

But the biggest reason to breed girl gamers is to encourage marital harmony.

Think about it. If women understood the absolute need to play just one more mission to unlock that new kickass skill before coming to bed, there would be fewer quarrels and more happiness.

If women understood the utmost importance of playing Final Fantasy XIII on launch day instead of celebrating one of those ridiculous “monthiversary” things, many household accidents (such as porcelain plates mysteriously flying towards walls) could be avoided.

Sure, there’s gaming addiction to contend with. I’m not denying anything. But I have turned out fine and I enjoy harmonious relationships with men, except when we get competitive over whose computer is more powerful.

So, breed a gamer today. Your daughters and sons-in-law will thank you for it. Not to mention the Singapore government.



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My first column in Stuff magazine

Just wanted to share my first contribution as guest columnist for Stuff magazine. This is the April 2010 issue.

Stuff column

I have permission to repost it so here it is!


[Column Starts]

To start my column off, I should like to maintain that while I may be on the geek side of girl, I am still a girl first and foremost. Which explains why I can’t always understand the way men behave around gadgets.

It’s a mystery to me why men have a burning need to own gadgets that have so many functions it will take them ten lifetimes to discover all their uses, never mind actually use them.

Say, a man is shopping for a phone. He gets weak-kneed when told a certain phone can do a million things including file his taxes and throw out the trash. It doesn’t matter that he’s shopping for a phone. It only matters that his phone must have at least one more feature than his colleague’s phone.

Girls are easier to comprehend. We want a phone that can make phone calls. And maybe tweet. And look pretty and shiny. End of story.

Well, alright, I grant that I do expect my phone to have an Internet browser. An e-mail application. And GPS. And a shopping guide. It’s moving with the times. But men, they like to move beyond. Beyond common sense.

Sample conversation: “My phone can calculate the current wind speed and translate that into the number of revolutions a hamster makes on a wheel!” “And why would you want to do that?” “I don’t know. But it’s cool because I can do it and you can’t.”

Perhaps there is a higher reason for men to be hardwired this way. But if there is one, I have yet to discover it. Perhaps you can tell me.

[Column Ends]


By the way, I bought a cheap S$10 iPhone case in China.

iPhone case

So silly looking, but cute, right?

iPhone case

But it’s really cheap stuff. The blings are actually a line of stickers and they keep unsticking and I have to keep sticking them back. Right now, one corner has fallen off from the rest and disappeared.

Oh well, it was fun for a while.

My friends say I look fat

Am in the March issue of Stuff Magazine.

Stuff interview

Showed my friends.

First comment: “Why they make you look so fat?!”


How how how… if people think I look fat, who will wanna read my interview?!

I guess I shall have to depend on my loyal readers here to read it. Will post up the interview if I can get the PDF. Cos my legs are cut by the binding so it will look odd if I scan the spread.

Alternatively, you can buy a copy of Stuff magazine. I will be writing a monthly column starting next issue. Really, I think it’s a good magazine with good reads even though I look fat in my interview pic.

Okay, back to work.

Busy week this week! Will try to tweet more so follow me on Twitter!