My first column in Stuff magazine

Just wanted to share my first contribution as guest columnist for Stuff magazine. This is the April 2010 issue.

Stuff column

I have permission to repost it so here it is!


[Column Starts]

To start my column off, I should like to maintain that while I may be on the geek side of girl, I am still a girl first and foremost. Which explains why I can’t always understand the way men behave around gadgets.

It’s a mystery to me why men have a burning need to own gadgets that have so many functions it will take them ten lifetimes to discover all their uses, never mind actually use them.

Say, a man is shopping for a phone. He gets weak-kneed when told a certain phone can do a million things including file his taxes and throw out the trash. It doesn’t matter that he’s shopping for a phone. It only matters that his phone must have at least one more feature than his colleague’s phone.

Girls are easier to comprehend. We want a phone that can make phone calls. And maybe tweet. And look pretty and shiny. End of story.

Well, alright, I grant that I do expect my phone to have an Internet browser. An e-mail application. And GPS. And a shopping guide. It’s moving with the times. But men, they like to move beyond. Beyond common sense.

Sample conversation: “My phone can calculate the current wind speed and translate that into the number of revolutions a hamster makes on a wheel!” “And why would you want to do that?” “I don’t know. But it’s cool because I can do it and you can’t.”

Perhaps there is a higher reason for men to be hardwired this way. But if there is one, I have yet to discover it. Perhaps you can tell me.

[Column Ends]


By the way, I bought a cheap S$10 iPhone case in China.

iPhone case

So silly looking, but cute, right?

iPhone case

But it’s really cheap stuff. The blings are actually a line of stickers and they keep unsticking and I have to keep sticking them back. Right now, one corner has fallen off from the rest and disappeared.

Oh well, it was fun for a while.