Taking photos of yourself in the middle of nowhere

I’ve decided to delete most of my scary studio makeup photos.

Because they’re really scary.

But some actually turned out quite decent, so those I kept.

Sheylara with studio makeup

If you don’t frequently take photos of yourself, you probably can’t imagine how one could look totally different in different shots of the same batch.

I took these shots at an industrial area roadside while waiting for the Goonfather to turn up with his shining chariot to pick me up.

Sheylara with studio makeup

This was right after I stepped out of the studio for my Gadget3 cover shoot.

It was quite windy, so I got some wind-swept hair shots.

Sheylara with studio makeup

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking photos of myself in public like that. It’s like the ultimate in lunacy.

Sheylara with studio makeup

But I think the practice of taking photos of oneself in the middle of nowhere is now relatively accepted, even if not encouraged.

Sheylara with studio makeup

In any case, the road was quite deserted so there was no issue at all. Doh.

Here’s a photo of me with normal makeup, taken in the same week as the above shots, for comparison.

Sheylara with normal makeup

Okay, that’s all for today. I just received a new game today and I think I should play it so I can talk about it tomorrow!

It’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

OMG the movie is out too, isn’t it? I NEED TO WATCH!

How come no one give me free tickets for that movie? Haha.

Okay, sorry, talking about myself makes me bimbotic. I shall disappear now.