Sticky kitty

Funny how stray cats are often friendlier than home cats (especially when you’re eating at coffee shops).

Stray cat

We recently came across a most friendly, manja, attention-seeking stray cat ever.

Outside Leisure Park Kallang, a cat walked past the Goonfather and immediately rolled over on its back, baring its belly.

The Goonfather stopped and stared. When the cat realised that it wasn’t going to get a belly rub, it got up, walked nearer him, then flopped over again.

This happened once more and I decided to get my camera out.

Here’s the video of what happened next. Very cute, must watch!

Attitude cat in da house

We were at this 24-hour coffee shop late one night for supper.

As the Goonfather ordered roti prata at a stall, he asked me to go sit down first. “That yellow table over there.”

I said okay and walked to the yellow table.

Ten seconds later, I walked back to the Goonfather again.

“There’s a cat sitting on the chair at the yellow table,” I informed him.

He looked over and considered the situation briefly. “Never mind, just sit down.”

So I went back and sat down opposite the cat, thinking it would bolt.

It didn’t!

And then the Goonfather came back and sat down beside the cat.

The cat looked calmly at him and then turned its head away, its body unmoving.

Of course, I took pictures.

It’s very nice to have a cat for a supper companion. The cat stayed with us throughout our meal and allowed me to stick my camera right in its face.

I think the Goonfather rather enjoyed it, too.