Singapore is in India?

Once in a while, we hear that Singapore is in China. Or you get people mailing stuff to Singapore with R.O.C. at the end of the address. Yes, I have received such a package! And I have personally encountered people telling me that Singapore is in China.

But that’s old news. What about Singapore in India? That’s a new one for me!

Seen in a gaming forum:

Well if you’re connected to live and when you booted up your game you didn’t get a notice saying there is a patch available then that means there must not be an update up yet in your area. I may be available later, Singapore is in India or close right? If so, I thought the game was censored(or banned) in that area because of something about brahmin offending the general religion of the area. If that’s true then that might ave something to do with the lack of a patch.

Link here.


Okay, but I don’t think we should laugh at people who don’t know where Singapore is. Nobody can know everything. You probably don’t know every single city, state or country in the world yourself. I certainly don’t.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there are people in the world who don’t know Singapore.

I just find it funny, that’s all! =)

I’m not laughing at the person making the mistake. Really. I’m just laughing at the situation.

Oh, in case I have readers who don’t actually know where Singapore is (I won’t laugh at you, really), let me share with you a few things about Singapore.

Singapore is an independent, developed city-state and the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, located directly South of Malaysia. We’re a multi-racial country comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian peoples, with the Chinese being the majority population.

English is our first language. And foreigners like coming here for shopping and food. And maybe for the sun, cos we’re near the equator. And… I don’t know. Maybe some of you would like to share your opinions why foreigners like visiting Singapore.