A winner is you!!

I think all my friends are going to kill me now because they didn’t win the slinky Samsung netbook thanks to me.

I was invited to the Singapore Sports Council office today to do the drawing for the lucky voter prize for the Star Sports Blogger contest.


I think it’s very nice of them to let me do this!

Of course, now I have to face the wrath of people who didn’t win.

Preparing for the drawing with Daniel, who’s the person in charge of the Star Sports Blogger campaign:

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

Posing for the drawing:

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

In the container are all the names of people who voted for me! =)

Virtual kisses for every one of you!

I was quite content to leave my hand in there forever because I didn’t want to draw a winner. Cos, like, one person will be happy but so many others will be disappointed!

I actually jumbled the names around for a long time before finally fishing a piece out. It was quite exciting, though.

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

Congratulations to Germaine Hoe!!! I don’t know who you are but you rock! THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME!!! You will be contacted by Singapore Sports Council for your prize!

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

The rest of you please don’t kill me. I am very grateful for your vote and you did a good deed so you earn karma points, therefore don’t waste your karma on something so useless as murder!

I also collected my Favourite Blogger prize today: A slinky MacBook! Always wanted to have one but could never justify the cost of getting one. So, yay!


I think the Goonfather is going to steal it. He’s always stealing the gadgets and peripherals that I win or receive from sponsors.

He says he needs the MacBook for when he goes on a course to learn how to make iPhone games.


I’m going to tax 50% of all his profits when he starts selling games!!

Here’s what a MacBook looks like when you try taking a photo of it using a lousy camera in a dim room and then try to compensate with Photoshop:


An unrecognisable patch of dazzling white!


Now I can go sit in cafes with my MacBook and pretend to be some arty farty designer or some other. Hur hur!

Anyway, thank you again to Singapore Sports Council for the contest, thank you voters, and thank you to the Goonfather in advance for 50% of your profits!


Yay! I’m “Favourite Blogger”!

Wow! Just found out that I won the Star Sports Blogger “Favourite Blogger” contest! So happy!!

Star Sports Blogger

Click here to see contest page.

I’m quite amazed that I won by two votes, so I must thank every single person who voted for me because it means every one of your votes counted a huge deal!!

I feel very loved! Thank you all for your support!! Love you all back! Mwaks MWAKS!

This makes me feel like I need to do more sports, you know. It’s just a bit tricky because I like so many kinds of sports, I feel quite torn among them all.

But, yeah, doing more sports is good. It makes my skin glow and makes me feel more energetic every day.

And, like, when I need to do emergency chasing of buses and MRTs (I do that a lot), I like to be still alive by the time I finish my maniacal sprint to the door.

A hopeless heap

Constant exercise helps in that department.

And now to await news of the voter prize drawing. It will be announced next Tuesday. One of you will win a slinky Samsung netbook! WHO WILL IT BE! =D

I can’t wait to hear it! Let us all know if it’s you!!

Once again, thank you all for your effort in voting for me and even asking your friends to help. Your kindness is much appreciated!

Oh, yah, and thanks to all who dropped supportive and encouraging comments at the contest page (and also on my blog). You guys are ace!