My final Star Blog entry

It’s really strange how time just moves on. When you think back to the beginning of any significant occurance, it’s kinda shocking to realise how long it’s been.

For example, I think about my friendship with Unker Kell and Elyxia and realise that we’ve known one another for nine years. I still remember very clearly the circumstances under which we met, so it doesn’t strike me that so much time has already passed.

We’re all almost a decade older and are a lot closer now than we were then, which is the way you always hope friendships develop.

Both of them are the sweetest people and the best friends I’ve ever known, not counting my dearest cousin, Monster, because she’s family.


RG Gay


That’s a 6-year-old photo. I can’t find any earlier than that.

But let me get to the main point, which is that Star Blog is coming to an end. This week is the last week and it will be replaced by something else in 2011.

I can’t believe I’ve been Star Blogging for 2 years 3 months. It really doesn’t feel that long.

The most memorable thing about it is that I always have to be a wet blanket because of it. We usually get our topics on Friday evenings and we have to submit our blogs by Monday mornings, so that means we have to work on it over the weekend.

There have been countless times I’ve had to say to my friends, “I can’t go/do that/stay out late. Gotta do Star Blog.”

During weekend getaways with friends, I would have to beg off activities for half a day to work on the blog.

On Wednesday nights, I might be out having dinner with friends and I’d have to be antisocial for an hour while I log in from my phone or laptop or iPad to do the “live” chat.

I guess the schedule is a little inconvenient, and sometimes the topics are really tough, but I don’t regret my stint on Star Blog one bit.

It’s always exciting checking my e-mail every Friday to see what the new topic is. And it’s fun during the times I round up my friends to help me pose for photos to illustrate a specific blog.


Michael Jackson posers


That was us trying to pose like Michael Jackson but not succeeding very much, for my tribute post to the late superstar.

Unker Kell ignored my instructions to the group to wear black that night, but he was really good at the poses, so I made him dance coach for the night.


Michael Jackson poser



In total, I’ve written 116 Star Blog entries. It’s become such a routine that it’s gonna be weird not to have to do it anymore.

The job was very stressful at first, because the topics started off being more issue-oriented, many of which required research.

My very first post was to comment on the two candidates for the 2008 US Presidential Elections and cast a vote for either one.

That was the scariest topic ever, considering that I’ve never followed American politics or, in fact, any politics at all, in my life.

The only politics I was vague aware of were of the ones in the offices where I’d worked, but which I diligently avoided as much as humanly possible.

You can read for yourself how knowledgeable I was on the subject. =P


McCain and Obama


After a year, the topics became easier for me because there were more personal topics. Isn’t it always easier to write about yourself than about two blokes whom you know absolutely nothing about?

But, despite the stresses and the inconvenient schedules, I’m going to miss Star Blog a lot. It’s been a huge part of my life for over two years and I’ve made real friends from it.

I’m just glad I was given the chance to be on the team. I always enjoy being on some team or other.

Next week, a new STOMP section will replace Star Blog. It’s called “You Say, I Say”. I don’t know the details, but I guess we can all find out next week.

In the meantime, here’s my final Star Blog: What my life will be in 2011.




Go read it! Don’t read next time no more already! =D

The missing photo and the lonely iPad

Today, I will show you a picture of me pretending to use a Macbook.

Sheylara pretending to use a Macbook

I took this picture for Star Blog, actually. We were asked to photograph ourselves with our favourite gadgets.

But this photo didn’t appear in my entry. I think there’s something strange in the neighbourhood. See, the SOP is for us to write our entries on MS Word, then e-mail them to our editor, after which the team will publish them for us. (Our entries are unedited and published verbatim.)

I sometimes like to end my posts with a photo. For a while now, I’ve noticed that my last photos never make it to publication, although I never bothered to tell anyone because it’s, like, not really a big deal. It’s just one photo.

This week, I decided to end my blog with one sentence after the last photo just to experiment. And STILL the last photo didn’t appear, although my last sentence did. But you can see a space where the photo is supposed to be.

Click here to see what I mean.

See the space at the end?

That tells me that they’re not deliberately axing my last photos. It must be some kind of programming or data entry bug or something.

Any guesses?

Sheylara and her iPhone

On a side note, there was this incident once when I talked on two phones at once, looking rather idiotic as I did so. I was going to blog about it but then this week’s Star Blog topic was quite relevant, so I told my story there, instead.

I’m becoming quite the Apple fan. To think I used to get annoyed when Apple fanboys acted all crazy over Apple products. I can totally understand why now. It’s something you can appreciate only after being a user yourself.

So, I have ordered my iPhone 4 and iPad. The worldwide shortage irritates me much. Does Apple do this on purpose to increase the hype and fanaticism? I was going to wait till the stampede dies down and there are actually stocks in the stores before I buy them. But it seems my impulse got the better of me this week.

I am expecting to receive my iPhone 4 and iPad in the third week of August, when I will be away in China. BRILLIANT, YES? I didn’t in fact realise it until the Goonfather pointed it out to me.

“I’m getting my iPad on August 20!!”

“Aren’t you going to be in China then?”


We’re planning yet another China trip from August 17 till August 23. So, the 20th is smack in the middle of our trip.



It’s times like this when I feel like tearing my hair out and burying myself in the ground. Although that would technically be quite painful so I only do it in my imagination where it’s safer.

Okay, I’m done rambling about virtually nothing. I must bugger off and do some real work now.

I’ll leave you with this link again to my Star Blog entry. It’s also Star Blog chat day today (technically tonight) so see you there at 9 pm!

Don’t call SG guys inadequate!

I was wondering why we keep getting topics like this on Star Blog. I mean, this isn’t the first time the worth of Singapore men have been called to question. Nor is it the first time it’s been alluded to that Singapore women prefer dating ang mohs.

Probably not the second time, either. I’ve kinda lost count.

The topic this week: “We see more and more SG girls with foreigner BFs. Is it because SG guys are inadequate?”

See, the first instinct for most readers would be that our editors have run out of topics. In fact, readers have been complaining about that for some time now.

So I thought and thought about it. And I came to the conclusion that it’s not so much the lack of imagination on our editors’ part, but more the fact that Singaporeans are still largely hung up over such issues.

Interracial coupling

Maybe there are people who are sick to death of such topics, but in many places online and offline, Singaporeans are still discussing the matter of Singaporean guys’ adaquecy (or lack thereof) and still enjoying lambasting SPGs. It’s still an issue that people are concerned (kaypoh?) about.

That’s why it’s still current for bloggers to write about them.

So, rather than the onus being on the editors to come up with brand new topics every cycle, maybe it’s our jobs as bloggers to come up with fresh spins on old topics.

Okay, I must admit that I didn’t do a really good job this week because I was largely bedridden the whole weekend and it’s a little tough to write when you’re lying in bed all the time and asleep half the time. I just kinda spat out everything I felt because that’s the easiest. I’ll try and do better next time!

But I think Julen wrote an entertaining piece this week titled “8 Ways To Tell If You’re An Inadequate Local Guy”. Have a read if you have some time.



Scared. Star Blog. Rosy skin. Poker

Just feel like chatting today.

I feel very detached from the world and need to bring myself back into it again.

Going on holiday does that. Being ill does that. Unpleasant news does that.

Stepping back into things again, even only after a few days of absence, is a scary thing. It’s like stepping out from the peace and quiet of your home right into a chaotic fish market where a hundred things are happening at once.

Fish market

You could slowly step back home again and shut the door quietly and no one would be the wiser because everything is going on without you, anyway.

There’s always that temptation to contend with.


But it is not to be. Everyone must face the fish market, mustn’t we? It’s a cruel life and yet we struggle to make something of it. Make it sweet, make it worthwhile, make it mean something. (Because the alternative is starvation, which is not a good way to die.)

On a totally unrelated note, do read my Star Blog post on vanity.


It was only published last night because I was wretchedly sick over the weekend and couldn’t meet the deadline on Monday.

I’ve been on Star Blog for 1.5 years and this is the first time I’ve “taken MC”. Haha.

In yet other news, I have determined that the air in Hong Kong and China really improved my skin significantly. Not just my face but the whole body. My skin has been so baby soft and smooth the past few days I can’t stop touching it! It also looks more radiant and rosy!

Shall be sad when the Singapore air spoils it again.

Okay, done chatting for today. I shall now leave you with a sponsored message.



Asian Poker Showdown

Eight amateur poker players from Singapore are fighting it out in this poker reality TV series! In this episode, they are tasked to train eight sexy models to fight it out on the poker table. It’s funny, check it out!

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My mum lives on in my guitar… and other strange tales

Before my mother passed away, she was learning how to play the guitar.

We had a couple of old, beat-up guitars at home. I don’t remember where they came from. But I remember my mother shopping for this new guitar, one day, when I was maybe 10 years old.

I played around with the old guitars, occasionally. Not real music, just fooling around. But I never played with the new guitar until after my mother passed away. She left when I was 11.

Continue reading…