Squeezing for a group photo

On the last day of my Method acting class, people wanted to take a group photo. So I set my camera on a speaker and got everyone to get into position while I set the timer.

I said, “Mike’s in the right spot, everyone gather around him, please.”

Everyone gamely squeezed around Mike.

I said, “There’s lots of space, don’t have to squeeze together.”

Everyone continued squeezing, anyway.

And then someone suggested having the ladies seated in front so they didn’t have to squeeze as much, all the while I was trying to tell people that we could line all eight of us in a row without squeezing.

Haha. People never believe the photographer.

So, here’s the picture. I didn’t crop off the sides to show what I mean.

Well, I guess people just like to be close to one another. Can’t fault anyone for that!

I love my class. I wish it didn’t have to end.