Sheylara in The New Paper

Now that voting for the S’pore Blog Awards is over, I will be moving on to the next campaign… for the Xbox 360!

This is a new and different campaign that will be launched in our little island pretty soon. The New Paper has the scoop!

This interview appeared in The New Paper yesterday.

Sheylara in The New Paper

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I can’t say anymore about the Xbox campaign until after the official launch, but it’s going to be any time now. (Don’t forget to check out Gamer Girl Friday this week!)

Well, I’m really grateful to be kept busy with so many interesting activities and to have so many supporters who support my activities!

Thank you, Microsoft and the Singapore Xbox team, for this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you, The New Paper and Elysa, for the great interview!

Most importantly, thank you, my friends, blog readers, supporters and family, for supporting me all these years. I’m really thankful to each and every one of you for reading my blog and taking the time to vote for me daily in the S’pore Blog Awards!

By the way, the results of the S’pore Blog Awards will be announced on Sept 5 at an awards ceremony. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The Dark Knight interrogates the Joker (spoof)

Sundays are good days to watch online videos. You’re at home and you don’t have to worry about bosses lurking behind you, voyeuring your screen.

Here’s one for fans of The Dark Knight.

It’s freakishly hilarious. Make sure you’re in a safe place to laugh out loud. I salute the guys who made this video. Wish I could think of stuff like that. There’s some really excellent acting in there, too.

Sundays are also good days to engage in voting activities.

It only takes 20 seconds to type in your e-mail and password and click on my picture!

Vote for a chance to win exotic travel packages, how about that?

Vote for the Sometimes Damsel in Distress!

Thank you for your vote!

Sheylara woke up feeling a bit jaundiced.

Sheylara is in your face

I have a zillion people to thank!!

Okay, not exactly. I wish I had a zillion people to thank, but I don’t quite have that many friends.

But you know what they say: A handful of really good friends is worth a zillion friends in Facebook, most of whom you don’t even know but just keep adding because you want to look popular.

Alright, they didn’t say that. I made that up just now.

Here’s a list of friends who have plugged me in their blogs in support of my nomination for the S’pore Blog Awards.

Cowboy Caleb
ice angel
Simply Jean
Steven Yong
Miss Loi
Uncle Sha
Nicholas Aaron Khoo
Agnes Tan
Princess Sabrina

HEART YOU GUYS!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you for spreading the word around the blogosphere and for scaring all your readers with my giant mugshot and its pukingly-cute pinky heartsy watermark!

Picture scaled down from giant size to reduce scare factor.

Will add to the list as more friends show their support in their blogs!

YAY for friends!!

YAY extends also to friends who never plug me in their blogs because they don’t have blogs to begin with but are showing their support through voting!

Well, YAY for everyone lah!

If you’re reading my blog, YAY for you because a blog needs to be read like movies need to be watched, like art needs to be admired, like music needs to be heard, like Sheylara needs a laptop!

Well, I do need a laptop (for blogging effectively on the go)!

So, even if you’re reading my blog because you hate me, I love you!

How weird is that?!

In the meantime, HAVE YOU VOTED TODAY? =D