Encounter with a mischievous spirit

Something very weird and creepy happened to me and my friends over the weekend.

On Saturday, four of them had gathered at Wang²’s place to play Rock Band.

[It was quite a trip]

I didn’t join them because I was busy. But I met them for dinner later in the night and they had a story to tell me.

Earlier in the day, when Wang² was sitting in the drummer’s seat, her nose kept itching, sometimes to the extent that she had to stop drumming to scratch her nose.

[The mission had to be replayed]

Later, Minou took over drums duty and her nose started itching, too.

One by one, they all tried.

Whoever was drumming suffered a nose itch.

The next day, Sunday, Wang² invited the gang over to play again.

I was the first on the drums. I hadn’t forgotten about the nose itching business. I even said, “Ok, let’s see if my nose will itch!”

[The sun will come out tomorrow]

But once into the game, I got very engrossed in drumming because I was playing Expert and Hard modes and kinda forgot all about it.

On my fourth song, I felt my nose start to itch.

It was around the tip of my nose. At first, it was just a little tickle. And then it got more and more intense and, towards the end of the song, I just had to scratch it.

After that I continued playing one more song, throughout which my nose itched with varying intensity.

I passed the drumsticks over to Minou after that.

[They waited for something to happen]

Her nose itched into the first song and she passed the sticks over the Wang².

Same thing with Wang².

The weird thing was that the nose itching only happened when we were playing the drums.

So we decided to move the drumset to another position in the house to see if that would help. We started planning to move the coffee table to make space when the Goonfather said, “Rubbish lah. You all very waste time. The fan blowing at your face, that’s why your nose feels ticklish lor!”

So I made him get on the drummer’s seat and play, which he did.

Halfway through the song, Wang² spotted the Goonfather scratching his nose. We all started laughing.

So the Goonfather said to Wang&sup2, “Your house dirty lah. ‘Someone’ doesn’t want us to play drums in this house.”

Now, this wasn’t the Goonfather’s first encounter with spirits. He has quite many stories of spirit encounters and he knows exactly how to deal with them.

[The face was sort of frozen in place]

He waved his drumsticks violently in the air and said in a very loud voice, “Stop disturbing me, you @#$%!”

After that, we continued playing and the Goonfather claimed that his nose didn’t itch anymore.

When I took over the drumsticks again, the itch was there but it wasn’t as intense as previously.

I announced, “My nose still itching.”

The Goonfather said, “You have to scold it yourself.”

I didn’t dare to.

So I bore with the itch because it wasn’t that bad… and then, through the day, it kinda started wearing off.

[The severity of the situation caused a certain stillness]

Wang² claims that her house is not “dirty” and she knows because she can feel when spirits are around. She said my old place is haunted and it really is, as vouched by several “sensitive” visitors in the past, individually. She even named the right room where the spirit had hung out.

Fancy that! I had been living in a haunted house all along and didn’t know it. The Goonfather had kept the information from me until we moved out because he didn’t want to scare me.

Holy cow.