My ass got fined

I got my first ever speeding ticket for travelling at 90kmh on Nicoll Highway.

I’m so not happy because I think the speed limits in Singapore are ridiculous.

If every single person really were to travel below the limit all the time, we will have massive traffic jams 24/7 and Singapore will suffer a drastic decrease in productivity.

The majority of Singapore drivers are already driving slow enough! Why is our country rewarding slowpokes and penalising productive people?

In the first place, even 90kmh is too damn slow already. It feels like crawling. It feels like I can run faster than that (of course, technically, I know I can’t). 70kmh, which is the limit for Nicoll Highway, is worse. My granny can run faster than that.

I’m not saying remove speed limits. Of course, there has to be a limit but the current limits are total bullshit lah.

I don’t care about the money I have to pay for my fine. Or the demerit points. It’s just money and it will come back. Demerit points will expire.

But I can’t do it too often or my license will get suspended and I’ll go bankrupt.

So that means I have to be a “good girl” and drive slowly and hold up traffic on the roads.

I shall have a bumper sticker made that says:

“If I’m driving too slow for you, don’t blame me. Blame the papparazzi hiding in overhead bridges taking our photographs.”